Swimming While Black: The culture of racism in America is growing rapidly

That just happened in Winston-Salem a few days ago, but this "calling the police" on black people for (fill in the blank) is out of hand:



I've heard several people say

this has been going on all along, we just weren't paying attention, but I have been paying attention. Things are much worse with Trump as President, and if white bystanders don't start stepping up and helping out, this could spiral out of control. Don't just stand there, do something.


See something, say something. Call 911.

The guy has lost his job

His employer, Sonoco, released a statement that his actions don't reflect the values of the company and that he is no longer employed there.

Free speech has consequences.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bigot

In addition to losing their jobs, I'd like to see these cops start issuing citations for such false accusations. It actually makes the public less safe, because real crimes are likely in progress elsewhere, while this dude and others are stroking their racist egos.


I've decided to fight fire with fire. I'm on the lookout for threatening, right-wing deplorables and I am going to call the cops on them.


  • A pick-up truck with Trump stickers nearly ran me off the road last week. I didn't have my phone, but next time, I will call it in and report his license.
  • When a deplorable yells at the wait staff in a restaurant, you can call 911 to report a dangerous and possibly mentally ill person who is threatening those around him.

Don't just make a video of evil, call it in. 911 is our friend, and I would like to see hundreds of thousands of official complaints made about threatening behavior.