President accosted by strange man claiming to be Governor

An anonymous source on the security detail was quoted, "Look, these things happen from time to time, we can't be everywhere. Heads will roll."

“In the short time I had on the tarmac I took advantage of every minute,” McCrory said in an interview at N.C. State University, where he attended Obama’s speech. “I talked about wanting to build a relationship with the White House in dealing with complex issues from unemployment to Medicaid to food stamps and also offshore drilling.”

“He immediately, to his credit, introduced me to his energy secretary and I’m setting up a meeting in February with the energy secretary with other governors to explore and hopefully move forward offshore drilling, at least for natural gas off our coast,” McCrory continued.

At which point Secretary Moniz gave the President a dark look and said, "Thanks."


More on the President's announcement

CNN has some more info here. Obama is promoting it as a way to take action to promote jobs in areas where Congress can't or won't take action.

He could have added "and working around state governments that are acting like idiots".

In deference to Martha's post

about mental illness, and with the realization I likely strayed into the inappropriate and offensive category, I have replaced the word "crazy" with the slightly less offensive "strange" man. All that said, I'm pretty sure McCrory is a little bit crazy...

Actually I like "crazy"

Straight to the point and easily understood. I am having difficulty understanding how this governor defends his DHHS ' events for any other reason.

By the way, media outlets are reporting on the lawsuit filed today by health care providers who could not get paid by DHHS because of computer failure. Read about it on or WTVD.

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