Pretty Pictures


It's like magic

I've been writing magic stuff all day (not here) because work got stalled by snow. It's been fun. Some of it's going to be showing up here for the next few months. Feel free to pile on.

Just beautiful!

The snow was heavier here than last time, so even though we got more of it, it weighed the tall grass down and more ground showed. It wasn't as pretty. Oh...and the mud out in the field was just awful. I had to chase my dog down yesterday morning. I'll tell that funny story when I have more time.

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Heh heh :)

There's nothing quite like slogging through the mud chasing a dirty dog. My sister's got a Jack Russel named Annie, and every time she gets out it's like a 3-4 hour event (until she gets tired/cold/hungry). And they're foxers, so going deep underground doesn't phase them a bit. Once I had to climb down into a culvert and issue verbal threats down a hole, and when she barked her answer (variations of "No!"), it sounded like she was a mile away. ;O

snow is a magical blanket

and makes everything ugly disappear. It's always pretty after a snow, especially when the sunlight makes it sparkle. Nic pics Steve.

Thanks, sweetie. :)

I've taken my share of "touristy" pictures, but there's something extra-special about capturing images of random woodlands scenes. It's both mundane and spectacular at the same time, which is weird.


The close foreground and deep background makes you feel like you're standing there. And somebody's been chewing the snow!

Lizzy chases snowballs too

I'll try to get that picture posted later.

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