Privatizing the NC ABC system is Bad Policy and it's bad for North Carolina

I applaud and support Governor Perdue's decision Not to privatize North Carolina’s ABC System.  Her decision took courage and showed Great Leadership.  Privatizing the NC ABC system is Bad Policy and its bad for North Carolina.

For one it would seriously diminish the State Governments Revenue! Last year the ABC system brought in a profit of 200 million.  We already have the Far Right Wing RepubliCON legislators talking about Cutting More Taxes (Which Means cutting Revenue) and Cutting More Spending (Which Means Cutting Jobs) why in the World would anyone in their right mind Cut More Revenue out of the State Budget?  It doesn't make Sound Fiscal Sense!  Everyone wants to Balance the State Budget and we have to but you Don't do that by Cutting State Revenue!

Second, it would seriously put Local Governments in a bind also.  With the State facing a huge budget deficit, the State is limited in what it can provide to Local Governments.  Yes the State is going to cut spending in some areas and one of those areas is more than likely going to be what it gives to Local Governments.  If the NC ABC System is privatized it will take around $51 Million out of Local Governments Budgets! That aint pocket change!  Local Governments will be forced to layoff Police and Emergency Personnel, cut back spending on Education and Social Services!  We need to seriously think about the implications of such decisions before jumping on the Privatization Band Wagon!

Finally, if the RepubliCON controlled State Legislature privatizes the NC ABC system we will have a Liquor Store on every street corner in North Carolina most of which will be in Low Income, High Crime neighborhoods!  We have to come up with solutions that work for State of North Carolina and Local Government.

Anthony D. Hall
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health


I disagree, Hallstyle

I can't think of any reason for government to be in a "for profit" business enterprise. Particularly when it stifles consumer choice, sets artificially high prices, operates at the expense of the tax-payers, and governs itself in ways that are unethical yet still, apparently, legal.

It's entirely appropriate for the state to govern the granting of licenses to sell liquor and to establish reasonable rules on the hours of operation and placement of stores (proximity to schools, etc.)

I suspect whatever "profit" is taken from government revenues will be adequately replaced with property taxes, income taxes, no construction and maintenance costs, no salaries and retirement benefits, health care costs and so on.

Even if there is a cost to government, the fundamental question is why should government have the right to inject itself into the sole proprietorship business of selling products to it's citizens.

Stan Bozarth

I tend to agree, Stan

Privatize and regulate: high taxes, limits on advertising, zoning restrictions, whatever. Surely there's a way to get out of the business and draw in revenue through taxes (maybe even more revenue?) while still imposing appropriate controls. Other states have done it. Let's learn what works and improve on that.

Oh wait. We have Republicans running the show. Instead, we'll learn what works and then do something stupid.

James, you have to understand who we are deaing with here!

The NC RepubliCON Legislators aren't going to be for Regulating Anything! We ALL know they aren't for More Taxes! And they consider anykind of Fees and Revenue generating initiatives the equivalent of New Taxes! We have to Deal with the Reality, even if they did want to Regulate and Tax Heavily their Tea Party OverLords wouldn't be all that happy with them! The NC GOP is in a heck of a Mess if they Actually Try to Govern then they will tick off their Base! If They Pass the Buck and Do Nothing they Will be Seen as Weak and ineffective! Of Course they want to Pass the Buck to the Governor (especially since they want to give her More Budget Powers) But if they Reject her Proposals then Who will be at Fault? They Have the Real Power but they don't Really Want the Responsibility that comes with it!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

So let me get this straight You are for Local Gov Raising Taxes?

To offset the Loss in Revenue or are you in favor of Local Governments laying off Deputies and cutting other County personnel? The Truth of the matter is Government NEEDS money to function! RepubliCONs always say "You Should Run Government like a Business" well Business is about Making Money! If Business Can't Make Money on something they aren't going to do it! That isn't the Nature of Government! CONservatives can't have Both Sides of the Argument. Do you want to Run Government like a Business or like a Non Profit? Either way Government NEEDS to raise Money and Lots of it to Function!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

No I'm not for raising taxes.

The ABC stores don't pay property tax or income tax...or any other tax. If they were privatized they would pay those taxes. That's the offset (along with the other things I mentioned above) to recouping their "profits."

Regardless of income...I don't think the government (all of them combined) ought to be entitled to take the amount of money they do. If your AGI is over @34K the Feds take more than 25%, the State about 6-7% (not counting $0.34/gal on every gallon of gas) and the County gets another (here) 8% of every dollar I property and personal property tax plus outrageous taxes on just, for example, changing the title on one's auto due to a death. The estate income tax is also @35% on any income over $600. If your AGI is over $150K there are no deduction.

It's simply outrageous. My taxes are about 43%..not including sales and property, etc. Too much!

We have a sheriffs dept and a city police here. Why? Combining them would be efficient in more ways than just $$$. There's lots more....

BTW...your over-use of caps is eye-jangling.

Stan Bozarth

This is where we have different views

As a top-tier earner, I would happily pay 50% or more of my income in exchange for effective, efficient government. I've seen good government in other countries, most notably Sweden, Finland, Norway) where there are top notch services in energy, transportation, healthcare, and environmental stewardship.

Our problem in America is that we're overpaying for marginal quality, but not paying enough for top quality.

That doesn't mean the improvements you suggest aren't needed, they are. My belief is that the reason we don't see those improvements is because too many people are trying to protect their meager positions instead of aspiring to greatness. It's one of many reasons I object to the practice of tenure.

And just to say it, I already give away half of my income to non-profits that are attempting to fill the gaps that government is failing to cover.

Put that way, James, and with some reasonable health care

system as they have in civilized nations...I could lean your direction.

It's likely a matter of opinion about whether or not we'd get more if we paid more. The $11 Billion a day being poured down the sewer in Iraq and Afghanistan would go a long way towards making things better without paying just one example. There are lots of local examples of just outright stupidity and waste promulgated by politics rather than reason.

I downloaded the County Budget and tried to make heads or tails of it. Might as well have written in Klingon.

And, just to say it...we've been retired for three young women in other countries...have made 30+ micro-loans...and so on. We're not miserly. Our emphasis is helping lift others out of poverty. That's our have's all good!

Stan Bozarth

My mistake, Stan

Reading back what I wrote, I realize I was intending to direct that last line to Pope's Puppet eavesdroppers who will say, "Hey, just because you want to pay more in taxes, why should I? Just go ahead and give your money to the government if you think the government is so freakin' great."

I know you and Nan do much good work and I didn't mean to direct that comment to you at all. That was bad writing on my part, one of the hazards of flying too fast.

My apologies.

thank you...

and it's forgotten.

Stan Bozarth



Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Question What profession would Laid Off Law Enforcement go into?

The "Private" Industry Job Market is still pretty bad! And I'm sure you wouldn't want them sitting on their Lazy Behinds for Long drawing Unemployment! Plus from the tone of your comments you aren't that fond of Taxes Period (well who is right?) How can you say in one comment that the Counties can offset it by Taxes and then say you are against Taxes?

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Wow You Sound Pissed! Lol

Relax Man You Don't Know me! As far as You Not being a GOPer your comments Sure Sound like a GOPer As for your thoughts I guess they amount to 2 Cents like everybody else. You can keep that

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

It's a pleasure to

know that you have the verbal competence to have noticed. If, as is often said, the bridge between inexperience and wisdom is mistakes, you have a long and interesting journey ahead. You can keep's free.

Stan Bozarth

Sheesh what an Elementary comment

Especially since you were "Trying" to sound sooo intelligent! I don't Recall calling you personally any names but you know what they say sticks and stones can break my bones but Words are just Words!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Define Too Much?

I'm sure we all think we pay "Too Much" Help me out here?

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Elementary..."straight-forward and

uncomplicated." Congratulations get a prize.

Stan Bozarth