Problems in NC arising from "nonexistent" sea level rise

And it comes as no surprise that NC's agricultural industry would be the first to feel the effects:

Sea level rise has caused an increase in saltwater intrusion for farmland areas in North Carolina like Hyde County. This is problematic because it affects crop efficiency and the amount of usable farmland. The county has very low elevation, with the highest point in the county only 14 feet above sea-level, and the majority of the county lying between three and five feet above sea-level, according to Gibbs. “Sea-level rise is real and it’s been happening for years. We are seeing a loss of farmland from the saltwater intrusion,” Gibbs said.

For those who find themselves still doubting, do a little research on Megalodon tooth discoveries, some of which have been found 35-40 miles inland in North/South Carolina. Looking at the flood patterns of previous melts will give you an idea of what's at stake, if we continue to ignore the scientifically obvious.


Lucky us

Thank goodness the Big Government Republicans have outlawed sea-level rise and forbidden public agencies to measure it (since it's not really happening, of course.)

Will be interesting to see how DAG McCrory moves ahead with all his infrastructure planning wearing that blindfold.

Hyde County

I have been around Hyde County many times. Even on good days it seems like the water in ditches is higher than the road level.

Lizard Lick Opens Mega Shark fishing Center and Beach

BREAKING NEWS...City Fathers of Lizard Lick North Carolina located just outside of East Raleigh said today " We are building a big wall around the Town and a Pier that reaches 2 Miles out to the Ocean for Tourists who are into Mega Shark Fishing from the Paleo Age. This will no doubt lead to many jobs for the Town, Thousands of Fishing processing Boats from the Corporate Fishing Industry will be off our shore adding to the employment issue that is destorying North Carolina from the Republicans whose free market ideas have seem to Peter out. However, A group of Republican Investors have move into Lizard Lick selling Beach Property that does not exist. Which has presented a problem for us. Our Town Law Enforcement Agents has assure us that they will remove this scam from our town by hiring the Lizard Lick Towling and Repo Company"

Lizard Lick

Twenty years ago I had occasion to met the original self-appointed Mayor of Lizard Lick and then repo man Charles Wood who was trying to sell me a piece of property near Yates Mill Pond on behalf of an owner he said had given him power of attorney. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Bringing back PCB's

Not that we've ever completely gotten rid of their toxic influence, but this will cause a resurgence:

Senate Bill 612 would require cities and counties to repeal any rules stricter than state or federal law. It would also require a list of environmental oversight boards and agencies to repeal or rewrite any state rule stricter than federal regulation on any given matter.

The bill would also do away with riparian buffers on private property throughout the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico river basins.

The bill would also permit demolition crews, including those working on old power plants, to dispose of potentially toxic materials on site, instead of transporting them to a landfill.

While the riparian buffers issue is serious on its own, that last thing is a doozy. A lot of the PCB's that are still contaminating water (and fish) are a result of the relatively careful dismantling of old power sub-stations. You let them dispose on-site, and you might as well go ahead and sell any fishing gear you may have, because the list of edible fish will soon dwindle down to Gorton's and Mrs. Paul's.