Progress: Ken Lewis on Harvey Gantt

In 2008, millions of Americans came together around a great purpose. The pundits said it could not be done. Then a people-powered campaign shook up the electoral map, ignited a Blue North Carolina, and drove Barack Obama to victory.

Now we need your activism and small-dollar donations to continue the fight for progress in North Carolina. Your support now will help push us to victory.

The 2008 election does not exist as a singular moment, separate from a larger story about North Carolina and this country. Years of hard work and struggle brought us to 2008. And now more work must be done to realize the change we all voted for.

For me, and for so many in my generation, Harvey Gantt was the candidate that allowed us to see a path toward a better, more progress-oriented North Carolina.

His work as Mayor of Charlotte and his historic campaigns against Jesse Helms inspired a generation of political leaders around the country -- including a young Barack Obama. Gantt helped us to see a new place for ourselves in serving this country, and allowed us to believe that our dreams for a more forward-looking North Carolina could be realized.

That's why it means so much to me personally to have the support of Harvey Gantt. And that's why I'm proud to show this video of Harvey to you today. Please join Harvey Gantt and support our campaign today. Your support now will provide crucial momentum to our growing movement.

In the year and a half since the 2008 election, we have seen that progress can be slow in coming, but can be achieved. The answers to our problems won't be found in complacency. Instead, progress will come only with a renewed realization of, and commitment to, the work that lies ahead.

Now is our chance to continue the work that we began so many years ago, and to continue to push for the change we voted for in 2008.

We need you in order to help spread the word. Join our growing movement to bring real and lasting progress for North Carolina. We need leaders and supporters, working within their networks and their communities, making sure voters hear our message, and know how important this election really is.

We need your support to run a people-powered campaign, and fight back against the stranglehold of big-money on our political system. Early voting starts in less then ten days. We need your help now to spread our message.

With your help, we can continue to lead North Carolina forward, and ensure that progress has a voice in this year's election.

Thank you for your continued support,

Ken Lewis