Progressive Central Convention / Robin Hood Tax

Last week in Charlotte, in the shadow of the Democratic National Convention, Progressive Democrats of America hosted a full day of progressive values and thought at its best. We were treated to panel conversations from the brilliant minds of Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5), Michael Lighty and Karen Higgins of National Nurses United, Alan Grayson, Kurt Bateman, Labor Coordinator, Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-3),Medea Benjamin, Code Pink and many others. Rep. Keith Ellison announced that he is rolling out The Robin Hood Tax. Video below the fold.

Note-something happened to the code for the youtube code so I'm posting this link to it instead.


The day was moderated by John Nichols,

of the Nation magazine, who did a superb job of keeping the conversation going on the topics of Healthcare for all, Taking on Wall Street, Building the Labor/Progressive Democrat Alliance, Peace and more.

Make Wall Street pay us back,
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