Progressive Pulse ... stopped?

One can never be sure of anything in these mysterious days, but it seems as though NC Policy Watch may be quietly making a move to retire "Progressive Pulse" as the name of their well-followed blog. The organization's homepage simply uses the word "Blog" in top-level navigation, and when you get to the blog site itself, the name Progressive Pulse is missing entirely. The URL for the blog is . The word "progressive" still appears in a block linking from the NC Policy Watch homepage, and it's also still used in the "About" section of the blog.

I don't know if this is just my imagination or not, but from a branding point of view, dropping "progressive" would be a smart move for an organization known for its objective, balanced analysis of policy options. Plus, there is some brand confusion. I've often found myself using the two names (NC Policy Watch and Progressive Pulse) interchangeably, which could be somewhat problematic from their perspective.

Whatever is happening, NC Policy Watch continues to be the backbone of sanity in North Carolina politics, with smart, effective and timely stories about all manner of policy issues. If you're not checking them out on a daily basis, you're missing a lot of good stuff.

I'd be fine with them dropping their blog name altogether, or perhaps going with just "Pulse" as the name. (For practical purposes, it's helpful to call it something, but "the blog" could just as easily be that something if they wanted to move in that direction.) But whatever it's called, it's definitely a valuable resource.


PS I recently introduced myself to a judge and courtroom as James Protzman, owner of BlueNC, the flaming liberal blog for North Carolina. We've got that ground covered.

: )


It's back

The logo seems to have been modified a bit, but that may be my memory playing tricks on me.

I'm full of crepes

I really don't know anything, I was just observing that the name isn't on the blog itself anymore. Might mean nothing.