ProgressNC runs ad against Berger for appointing Card

Which may be the only way to fully inform his constituents of his shenanigans:

ProgressNC wants you to encourage Berger to withdraw Card's appointment to the UNC-TV board because of the Hitler comparison. Card's words on the topic are quoted accurately in the ad. They were excerpted from a long essay in which Card imagined a world where Obama has become dictator. I read the entire essay back in May and scanned it again this week. (I saved a copy of the Rhino. Sorry, I can't link to Card's essay; it disappeared when the Rhino folded and its website went dark.) Card presents a thought exercise, of interest if you like Card and dislike Obama, but also way long, as long as a chapter or two in one of Card's books.

I'll let you and others decide whether the Hitler comparisons should disqualify Card from the board.

The fact that Card's appointment will allow him to exert influence over the state's public television programming rises to the level that you (and your editorial staff) can't just stand on the sidelines, Jeff. It's wrong, you know it's wrong, and you need to say it's wrong. Taking that principled stand will definitely tick off former Rhino readers you've been hoping to attract, but it might bring some others back who have become disgusted with the N&R. And it's the right thing to do.


Learning lessons is not enough

I have another criticism. Comparisons to Hitler and to Nazis are so legion now as to be cliche, meaning they've lost their power to persuade. Card has given us a good reminder of that fact, and a good reason to renew a pledge to ignore all future Hitler/Nazi comparisons, whether from right or left, from best-selling authors or mere newspaper hacks.

So thank you, Mr. Card.

If Card were still just writing (for the Rhino or elsewhere), this would be an adequate response. But Berger has seen fit to put him in a position of responsibility, so that lukewarm admonition is no longer sufficient.