The Puppetmaster responds to Ford article

Reaffirming the Foundation's policy of misdirection:

Now is the time for a robust, open, public policy debate on how to reform and improve state government. Instead, N&O editorial page editor Steve Ford, in his Sept. 5 column "Money and rhetoric from the right," complained bitterly and maligned businessmen, such as myself, for supporting nonpartisan independent public policy organizations such as the Civitas Institute and the John Locke Foundation, and citizen groups such as Americans for Prosperity. One of the nicer things Ford said about AFP's over 50,000 volunteer activists in North Carolina was that they were a "rough crowd," that attempts to stoke fear and loathing.

I guess "open public policy debate" means sending fliers to people's homes that tell lies about the votes of legislators.


And this is not the first time

I've seen this:

The length limit on letters was waived to permit a fuller response.

following one of Art Pope's letters to the editor.

But I'm sure the implications of that (some enjoy more freedom of speech than others) are lost on Pope and many other readers.

What a crock of shit

Poor Puppetmaster. Lies, gets caught, complains about getting caught.

Business as usual.

One heck of a sentence

nonpartisan independent public policy organizations such as the Civitas Institute and the John Locke Foundation

Read more:

I think one could fairly try to argue that they believe these organizations are good at what they do despite political leanings, but "nonpartisan independent" is the last thing that comes to mind.

If it makes everyone feel any

If it makes everyone feel any better the Daily Record (Dunn, NC) reported on it's front page (it's a very right wing newspaper) that the AFP bus rolled into Dunn. The former Charlotte mayor and failed candidate for governor Pat McCrory (sp?)was the guest speaker at Tart Park. He spoke to a huge crowd of tea party kooks (Dunn is full of them) estimated at ............60 people.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Right, so even if each

of our 100 counties had an AFP membership of 60 (which is a stretch), that would amount to 6,000 members statewide.

Where Art Pope came up with the figure 50,000 AFP members in North Carolina is one question reporters should be asking.