Is the Puppetmaster running out of cash?

Trying to keep up with the really rich guys:

Pope has maxed out to the RNC, but it’s not possible to know the totality of his giving 2012, because he gives much of his money through non-profit groups that don’t disclose their donors, and his foundation only discloses its contributions months after giving them. But he said he’s not sure how much more he intends to give this year. “I’m getting close to being tapped out. So, I don’t know whether I’ll be giving more or not.”

It must be sobering for the spoiled rich kid to find out his fortune is paltry compared to that of a billionaire. The Koch brothers might give him an affectionate pat on the back from time to time but, in the scheme of things, he's just a dog fetching a newspaper for his master:

Charles Koch singled out Pope for donating more than $1 million to groups related to the Kochs’ network — which intend to steer nearly $400 million to conservative groups ahead of the 2012 election.

Some people are more comfortable being a little fish in a big pond, but I don't think Art Pope is one of them. Somewhere alomg the line he's going to have to accept that he doesn't have an endless supply of money to throw into the dubious investment of national political campaigns.