Puppetmaster Sideshow

You have to admire Art 'The Puppetmaster' Pope. He hedges his bets like crazy, always working to spin more plates in his circus just in case his ego starts flailing. One of his recent start-ups is the Civitas Institute, headed by his old buddy Jack Hawke. According to their 2005 filings, Civitas is running on chump change from the Puppetmaster, a mere $308,000 in annual contributions - which accounts for pretty much the entire Civitas operating budget. (See attachment.)

I won't embarrass Mr. Hawke and his Sideshow sidekick, Thomas Stith, by posting the piddling salaries they get for doing the Puppetmaster's dirty work. It's sad, though, to see grown men selling their souls for next to nothing to do nothing worth doing.


Mr. Hawke, you might want to clean up the mailing list for your creepy little magazine. Because the one your sending to my house doesn't seem like a very good investment.


They are certain they can bring you

to the dark side...heh

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Funny SD

The truth is, I actually agree with some of their goals. For example, I thing public school reform is a major issue that needs some serious innovation. But then they go and mix up god with testosterone, laced with enough self-righteousness to make me puke.

Now Jack has to fight new Orwellian Term of his own

Pope RINO’s Owellian Term being replace? "RIPNO" new movement term [ Republican In Pope Name Only]

It has a nice ring to it does't it Socrates GOP? Of course it could change to "RINCPNO"

RIPNO I love it. That's really when all this madness will end isn't it? When the only Republicans left are "pre-approved" by Art Pope. Funny how so many of the RIPNOs he hates worked closely with Reagan and Helms, the living definitions of "Conservative."

RIPNOs will be the downfall of the NC Republican party.