Puppetshow Awareness Week: Indy and Facing South take on Art Pope

From Indy Week:

When our reporters spoke with Pope and his representatives, they asked why we were doing these stories now. The answer is simple: When money and power is concentrated in one empire, as they are with Pope and his groups, that influence not only merits but demands an examination. — Lisa Sorg

Folks, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see this expose of Art Pope and his multi-million dollar opinion manufacturing machine. Kudos to Indy Week and Facing South for doing exactly what needs doing.


PS Yours truly is featured in one of the stories, written by Joe Schwartz: Pope-backed groups figure largely on N&O's op-ed page. And just to say it, I find Drescher's comment about my criticism to be mind-boggling:

"I think he's underestimating the quality of the work that the Locke Foundation does. I think they do some research that's worth writing about, and I think that's true from groups on the left also," Drescher says. "I guess [Protzman is] advocating that we ignore a group that's become a major force in North Carolina politics, and that would seem kind of odd to me."

No, Mr. Drescher. I'm not advocating that you ignore them. I'm advocating that you challenge and question the fact that a multimillionaire ideologue has been able to buy nearly monopolistic control over your political coverage and editorial page.

And one more thing. If Mr. Ford is comfortable with the "balance" he's achieved, maybe you should find a new editorial page editor while you're at it.

To my knowledge.


I thought of you....

... when I saw this issue, James. I wanted to jump up and down and shout, "The puppet master has no clothes!" but then I realized I was fracturing my fairy tales....

This expose was a long in coming, but when it arrived? Much, much worse than I thought. Pope seems to suffer from the same sort of arrogance as many other right wingers, who appear to be too busy publicly judging other people to follow the law themselves.

Kudos to Chris, Facing South and the Indy for this wonderful work!

Here is a summary of the expose if anyone is in a hurry:


Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

A picture is worth

a thousand words. Go to:


to see a pdf of the Pope Machine, great piece of work.
Who knew??



I guess the N&O

didn't think it was newsworthy that the newspaper got its ass handed to it this week by an uppity alternative weekly.

Ah well. That comes with the territory when you're part of the Show.