The Purchase of the Supreme Court

Evidence continues to accumulate that our democracy in this country is not only for sale, but comes at a reasonable price. Recent news has called into question the integrity of the highest court in the land, as we find out that years before the supreme court's Citizens United Decision that was supported by justices Thomas and Scalia, Citizens United spent $100,000 to support Thomas' nomination to the supreme court. You may recall the Citizens United decision as the one allowing unlimited anonymous corporate donations to political campaigns. Shortly before that decision, Thomas and Scalia attended an expense paid trip to a retreat held by the Koch brothers. Against supreme court rules, justice Thomas has also failed to report his wife's sizable income working with conservative groups lobbying against, among other things, health care reform. With the health care debate soon to reach the supreme court, will another decision be influenced by money and blatant politicization? If we can't find justice in the highest court, where can we expect to look for it?


Coming soon to a state near you

We have our own Koch brothers here in North Carolina, in the form of one Art Pope. Hot off his victories in the General Assembly, will he turn his attention to our own Supreme Court? It's a safe bet, especially given the fact that he already has one former Supreme Court Justice on a short leash.

It's going to get ugly.