Rachel on a roll - Recognize anyone in her ConservaDem segment?


Saw that last night and wondered why

Hagan is there. WTF is going on with the NC....ahem....Dems?

Well....the official announcement is next week

I haven't asked her press person about it. I've been busy with other things. This is a "loose coalition" so I don't think we'll necessarily see them acting like the Blue Dogs. Also, you don't have to be a conservative or moderate Democrat to believe in fiscal responsibility. I really can't stand it when mods and cons make that claim.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

They damn well better not be acting like Blue Dogs

fiscal responsibility is one thing, deficit reduction is a completely different can of worms.

Every homeowner except the richest of the rich uses deficit spending every day of every year. Otherwise, none of them would have their houses. Deficits are a choice to be made in the face of other pressing needs.

For example, which is worse: (1) a trillion dollar deficit or (2) a ten year long Great Depression.

Kay Hagan is, I believe, smart enough not to fall for the "cut deficits at any cost" talking points of the Republican lunatics. And if she's not, well, she'll be helping me and my own personal deficit because I'm not seeing many Democrats these days that I'd give a plug nickel to in the next election cycle.

Without the progressive "fringe" in North Carolina, Kay would be hanging out at home with Liddy Dole running roughshod over the Senate still. I sure hope she remembers that.

Color me disappointed.

Kay is way better than Dole, but

there is no reason not to hold her to the high & progressive standard we expect from someone we elected just because she is a democrat. That is not to say a fiscal responsibility coalition is inherently a bad thing. If the goal of this coalition is long term fiscal responsibility then it is a worth while goal, but if it is a short term effort to look more "independent" by being anti-recovery spending during a recession then I'd be more concerned.

I'm okay with Kay crafting whatever political image she needs to survive re-election, so long as she doesn't abandon the values of the Democratic party, and I believe & hope developing that image is probably all she is doing here.

I keep going back to the "loose coalition"

So far I've been very pleased with our new Senator. I know I won't agree with every vote, but I do believe she's going to be able to explain her position in a thoughtful, intelligent way.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Kay "Blue Dawg" Hagan

During the election runup, I forecast that Kay H. would not resist the temptation to be a "Blue Dawg" -- course there was not such a name for senators -- but there you are, we got a Blue Dawg in name and act. I, and , many many more, worked hard for her. She rode on Obama's tails no matter what she might say. So, now its payback--to whom one would ask, and why. We could have had a Dole and maybe done just as well. Guess Kay does not think she has to explain, that we will just simply, as down home folks, understand and trust her -- not now, no way. Thank you Rachel.



I'm not sure I recall you ever saying anything positive

Kay Hagan has voted with progressives 100% so far, so maybe you just need to hold your opinion in check so you don't make yourself look like a mental lightweight. No..wait..I'm sorry, anyone who thinks we could have Dole and done just as well is simply an idiot.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Postive things

Dont remember saying much about anything for last two years. Cheers. That's positive.

As for Kay being progressive, lets look at her record in a year or two. I voted for her, I knew what we were getting, as did most folks with eyes open. I even like her and supported her. She is major improvement on last party in that slot. But, still, if she is not moving along without fracturing the Dems first real shot at collective power in 20 plus years, .........that's fair game in politics. But then, will Dems allow that potential power to slip away? We will see.....



Kay...Kaaay...You could have been a contender!!!

Although I did not vote for Kay, I can say that she never really hid her conservative principles and , for the most part, did not attempt to lead us to believe she would not be a "Right" leaning Democrat.
Progressive? She never claimed that commitment.

Many were simply believing the best and hoping for a validation of thier faith in her being a member of the Democratic Party. She is "ours" now. So now we must be commited to helping her and also to holding her feet to our progressive fire.

I like Kay and her wonderful family. I told her so.... I also told her I was voting for Jim.

Always the friend of the BlueNC family,


Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

some of you take the cake

Since the election I read people on here complain about Heath Shuler, Larry Kissel, and now Kay Hagan. At a time when the Democratic party in the North Carolina is poised to deliver a knockout blow, some of you have lost your head. Pehaps you wish to go back to the good ole days, when Charles Taylor, Robin Hayes and Liddy Dole held office, I think I have read some folks actually say they prefer it, because Shuler too religious, Kissell voted against the budget or some obscure part of it, I am not sure which and Kay Hagan joined the blue dogs. Well folks get real. You can either have Hagan, Shuler or Kissell, or you can have Dole, Taylor and Hayes. You can have Walter Dalton as your Lt Gov or you can have Robert Pittenger. You can have Marc Basnight, Tony Rand and David Hoyle run the state senate or you can have Phil Berger amd James Forrester. These are your choices take it or leave it. How long is it going to take to turn on Roy Cooper, who is a staunch Death Penalty advocate who has spoken out against the Racail justice act and the moritorium. And who began the fight against having illegal aliens attend our community colleges and oh by the way was one of the Maveretic 20 for those of you who know what that is. But then, hey would not we rather have Richard Burr anyway. There you have folks it is in your court now.

You were so close to the point, but just missed it

The time from the general to the primary is the time to move the party. From the primary to the general is when to close ranks.

I haven't forgotten Cooper's treachery (and Mavretic's continuing treachery in trying to undermine Perdue's campaign for Governor).

The lesson is the same from above. You don't have to settle. Who thought we had to settle for this being a McCain state? That's the point.



So what's the point in Move On bringing the Icing, when the cake is gone?

Thank you.

Lets look at her record

Kay is a moderate. Always has been. But she's also a great public servant and a worlds better than her predecessor. Thus far she has been on the right side of almost every issue I care about (the first bill she co-sponsored in the senate was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act) so, regardless of her participation in this silly pseudo-caucus, she's ok in my book.

One best thing I've noticed about Senator Hagan is her willingness to listen to her constituents. If you're concerned about this, then take some time to talk with her or her staff. They'll be happy to listen. If you don't do it, then who will?

What you so don't get my dear friend...

Is that there are fringe minorities with time on their hands that know how to type.

Stop being reasonable and looking out for the greater good!


Flush progress.

All now or Mad Max.


I hope Rachel is Wrong

I have paid close attention to Sen. Kay Hagans votes and she has voted straight down the party line so far. She hasn't shown any signs that she would move to the right on anything that I have seen. I get updates from MegaVote a Project done by the Nation.com. I have seen her voting record, it is clean, for now.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!