Randy Voller and NCDP plan for fall elections

Just had a brief chat on FB with Randy Voller and Yevonne Brannon. Voller's message to Democrats was posted earlier today (see 'Extreme GOP Pandemic'...). Randy is speaking truth to power in many venues including the mainstream media, but perhaps more importantly, to the people themselves in events across the state.

Randy responded to the Guv and his campaign promises of jobs for the people of NC in a ABC interview. As Randy puts it, "The GOP seems to think JOBS is a four letter word," now that they control the government of NC.

Randy shared that the NC Senior Democrats plan to work on using absentee ballots and promoting their use this fall in the off year elections. The NCDP will also be working to test grassroots organizing methods in the fall. He is also working with Democrats Abroad and other state organizations.

From Randy Voller in my response to my saying we need to let folks know we will not lie down and let the Republicans run over us:

We will not lie down. From around the State the chorus is loud and clear on their agenda: where are the jobs you promised in January 2011 and why are you making our environment less safe, our schools less stellar, our women less free to choose, our communities less robust, our laws less fair, our society less equal, our government less transparent and our ability to make a difference by voting less likely?

That’s right. It has been more important for these extremists to dilute the participation of citizens in their democracy, than to invest in North Carolina, burnish its brand and create jobs.

From Yevonne Brannon, former County Commissioner for Wake County:
"this is critical, voting and health care and womens rights, but please do not forget Education. if you think that vouchers will not take us to our knees watch OUT."

Randolph S. Voller

Agreed. http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=news/politics&id=9186319 Click on the link to see the ABC11 story pitting Randy Voller against Pat McCrory. 'McCrory signs state budget; will sign abortion and voter ID bills' abclocal.go.com.

The "GOP 4G network" is: "God, Guns, Gays and Gynecology." Apparently JOBS are not part of the program, says Voller.


'Do Absentee Mail Voters have to show ID in North Carolina?'

from a blog I was referred to by a reader at Daily Kos:


The requirement to show an ID in vote is limited to those voting in person, with an allowance made for curbside voting outside a precinct where a poll worker comes to the car (this is considered in person). If you request an absentee ballot you do have to provide some identifying information in written form; options include providing a NC DL number, the last 4 digits of a Social Security number, etc [see § 163‑230.2. (4)].

SECTION 4.1. G.S. 163‑229(b) of the law begins a lengthy section governing absentee ballots. There are a couple of notable changes.

The voter no longer has to personally write out the request for an absentee ballot or use a form created by a county board of election to request an absentee ballot. Now the form requesting an absentee ballot can only come from the State Board of Elections, but can be a pre-printed form (not written out by voter). In the past, if someone other than the voter wrote out the request for an absentee ballot, that would constitute fraud. This appears to open up campaigns bringing the absentee request form to voters. See § 163‑230.2. (a)
The voter now has to sign the absentee ballot (as before) but now two people must sign and say they saw them vote, as I read it.

from Don Taylor, Associate Professor of Public Policy at Duke University, and author of Balancing the Budget is a Progressive Priority. On twitter @donaldhtaylorjr

Martha Brock


Among the more tone deaf statements I've read in a long time. Mr Voller has made a big deal of his attendance at Moral Monday events, but is somehow apparently completely unaware of the role of religious progressives in those events. I want Democrats to stop abandoning God to the Republicans. Perhaps if he stopped having pictures taken of himself every 10 seconds and listened to Rev.Barber, he'd have known that God was working there, and doesn't deserve to be lumped into a list of pejorative attacks on the GOP.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Attacks on Voller by Stupid People

No, Randy Voller is well aware and has supported the work done on Moral Mondays by the faith community and the NAACP led by Reverend Barber. Democrats have not abandoned God, not he them! But Democrats have not taken in the most fanatic, fundamentalist and hypocritical religious groups, like those working for the Tea Party and as white supremacists (means racist dum dum) and used them radically in wars against women, blacks, the poor and those of us who prefer not to live in the Wild West. Sounds like you are just a "Voller
hater", a breed which prefers the "old guard", inability to win and dislikes average democrats viciously.

As for pejorative (wow you learned a new word), no attack I can think of made on Republicans can be pejorative, assertive, callous, hurtful and invective enough - or had you no wit to see what they have done to the State. Are you a Democrat - well perhaps a vile Teaparty Blue Dog, but not much else. Stop the attacks on Randy Voller! You only make a fool, again, of yourself. And, we need Randy Voller, out front, across the State carrying the message that the Democrats may be down but not out - something you seem to wish.



Same old stuff from same old folks

You are delusional. Quit attacking Randy Voller and get to working for
Democrats, instead of playing John Galt (Ayan Rand's favorite) by threatening
to take someone's money and run - these are juvenile responses. We recently
heard this from a prominent person as they departed NCDP. Your
attacks only destabilize the NC Democratic Party, not help it. Take your
Teaparty tactics with you and go away. Better yet, write a check to the
Party - I have numerous times-this year. Put up or shut up!

BTW, I am afraid that many "old supporters" fled to the Republicans after
2010 and would not give to NCDP, and worse to Democratic candidates
because they cannot deliver anything under the current circumstances. Is
it beyond your capacity to understand this? Apparently.



enjoying your free time, Bill?

Randy quite willingly threw you under the bus

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

OK, so that was personal, "Dr"Frank.

Dr. Frank, you started this trolling rant with a professed, expressed, concern for the expected respect vis-a-viis Dr. Barber and his religious stance and prayers, and tsked, tsked so, that the Moral Monday Movement was being secularized. Scandal!

Then you switch gears to general Randy-bashing, and tossed in a few threadbare and oft disproven lies about our elected Chair.

Now you show an undue interest in the petition of yore and its negotiations, known to so few, and cared about by so fewer.

Hmmmm...now who named Frank might this description fit? Who might be this embittered, bus-treaded-himself Frank be?

try again

Everyone knows who I am. Who are you, "EJ"?

by the way, I'm not Frank Eaton, despite your most fervent hopes.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Fair enough.

I find it interesting you think you recognize the bus-treaded-himself Frank, though.

Enjoying your attempt to destroy NC Democratic Party

Only a few know what went on. Randy did not throw me under any bus. He did ask, and I agreed to go. As I said earlier, maturity is not your suite in any manner. I never did understand why I became the object
of Greg Flynn's and particularly John Burn's vindictive and malicious behaviour. John, Greg, is this either of your worthless selves? Boy, I must have been damned effective. OBTW, I am still working for NCDP regularly with Randy, and I will continue - loyal to the Party and not its destruction as it is with you. Take your Tea Party
tactics and destructiveness and go away, kid. As for the Burns/Flynn petition, which Eaton posted, it was
totally spurious, the charges would not stand - Randy went to mediation to get the party to unity. Now you want to start things up again. At least I sign my name! Put it where the sun does not shine.



Who asked Randy to throw Bill under the bus?

Can you tell me John why it was so important for you (and perhaps the other petitioners) to ask Randy to remove Bill Franklin as one of the Sustaining Fund Co-Chairs even before the SEC amended the POO to limit the number of SF Co-Chairs to three?

What was it that Bill did that made you ask Randy to throw him under the bus?

Could it be the way that Bill out-fought you guys last year on the resignation of David Parker over the so-called sexual harassment at NCDP?

As it turns out, between the ESC ruling that Jay was eligible for unemployment compensation (meaning he was not at fault for his actions at NCDP) and the Judge in the lawsuit Adriadn filed against NCDP and Parker recommending the suit be dismissed, along with the plaintiffs withdrawing the lawsuit - it all sort of adds up to the plain and simple fact that you guys were wrong: neither Jay or David broke the law or did anything wrong to require them being removed from their job or office at NCDP. That was the pretext for removing them.

The real reason they needed to be removed was because they were trying to clean up house at NCDP. Which is exactly what Randy Voller is trying to do. Which of course is the reason why David and Jay had to go - even if you guys had to make a big stink about something that in the long run was nothing they should have been removed from office for doing. And that's exactly why some folks are still complaining about Randy Voller.

If we didn't have to stop the August 2009 SEC meeting to clear the room for the Anthony Foxx pep rally in Charlotte, the POO would have been amended to allow the NCDP to protect itself from disruptive and destructive behavior engaged in by some because their candidate lost and someone else (perhaps someone who wouldn't give them or one of their friends a job) won. Let's hope we can fix that sooner rather than later!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Did Shanahan resign or was he forced out?

I wouldn't be surprised if Shanahan's sudden departure from DPS didn't have something to do with the bogus sexual harassment claims made by Adriadn Ortega and the lawsuit he filed against David Parker which a judge recommended to be dismissed and was withdrawn by Ortega not long before Shanahan "resigned".

Now that Ortega's suit has been withdrawn, the only thing left is waiting for the EEOC to issue findings one way or the other in Ortega's EEOC complaint. Of course the EEOC will issue a "right to sue" letter even if there was no finding of fault against David/Jay or the NCDP. But that will be yet another nail in the coffin for those folks who fought so aggressively to replace David Parker last year. Surely the case that this was all pretext to replace David and Jay for their efforts to replace expensive and inefficient consultants with newer, more efficient and cheaper consultant services. And to replay David for his role in keeping the Congressional District Taxpayer Checkoff money under the control of the District Chairs (and not the expert consultants). And we can't have that now - can we?

Interesting that there is a call for accountability at NCDP. Progressives have been calling for that for years and now that we have a reform-minded Chair, all the folks who are consultants (and their friends) are calling for transparency and accountability. That of course was AFTER some NCDP staffers were caught shredding documents the day after the Feb SEC meeting.

And now I hear that some folks who worked as volunteers on some big money campaigns (like the anti-Amendment One campaign) are wondering where all the money went to - and how it was spent? With the total lack of oversight that allowed Jon Broyhill to steal $60K from the Brad Miller campaign, folks are starting to talk openly about the lack of "bang" for the "bucks" in the fight against Amendment One last year.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

4G quote is not an afront to me

"Dr. Frank"
Do you think Rachel Maddow is "tone deaf"? This is from her blog, although not written by her:"This Week in God." It is a weekly summary of all the Republicans' attempts to prove that God is on their side.

This was quoted there from one of the GOP budget leaders at the NC General Assembly:

In North Carolina, state Rep. Nelson Dollar (R) defended his party's hyper-aggressive budget plan by insisting, "Today is the day when history will mark this General Assembly did what was what was morally right in the eyes of God." Well I guess that settles it, then. (Thanks to reader D.R. for the tip.)

It is time for disgruntled Democrats to bury the hatchet and attack the opposition and not fellow Democrats.

Martha Brock

Randolph S. Voller to Democratic Women of NC

Apathy is not a virtue. Get involved. Make a difference. Start local. Start Now. And keep going. We must pull together to restore NC.

Give the man a chance. He is not perfect. None of us are. He is trying very hard to do a good job in the most difficult of times for our state and the Democratic Party.

Martha Brock

I am not as tolerant of taunts and trolls as James

I am putting an end to this online bickering. Take it somewhere besides my blog on NCDP.

Martha Brock

Thanks, Martha

I'm not as tolerant as I seem either, but am very glad to see self-policing kick in. Thank you.