Rape is like football, little missy.

Tea baggers in Raleigh have given North Carolina a black eye on the national stage, but sadly, they're getting plenty of assists from so-called adults at UNC Chapel Hill. It appears that some UNC administrators have read the tea leaves coming out of the General Assembly and decided that abusing women and making light of rape is part of the new world order here in the Old North State. What else could explain such stupidity and incompetence?


Rape is like football, lttle missy

I would like first to complain about the pejorative use of "Tea Bagger." It is hate speech and should have no place on this site.

Second, the conduct complained of by the students, former students and administrator has been on-going at UNC-CH for more than a decade, according to their complaint, so would seem to have no connection to any recent rise or fall of any particular political party. In fact, universities across the country have routinely suppressed reporting of all campus crimes for decades. That type of suppression is part and parcel university culture, hence the need for the Clergy Act.

Now, wait just a minute anonymous

What has been "ongoing for more than a decade" has absolutely nothing to do with this troubling incident. That's just politics and even if I'm someone that sides in most cases with people that aren't exactly "progressive", this is a troublesome and serious issue. This isn't something that can be written of as just being university culture and so forth. This isn't about the rise or fall of any political party, you're right on that. Rape and criminal sexual behavior isn't political. It's wrong. It's against the law and it must be stopped. If there is a problem with this at UNC, then it must be approached immediately and stopped. Republicans and democrats disagree on a great many things. This isn't one of them. The use of the term "Teabagger" is unfortunate, of course. But, it's small potatoes when it comes to ending this sort of behavior. And, yes, I'm certain it is a problem. I don't have specific knowledge to it but I attended college and I know how these things are done and seen by administration officials sometimes.

Bagger please!

Republicans in this state and across this country have been waving their unmentionables in our faces for years now, calling us everything but human, and so now we're supposed call them warm fluffy bunnies or something? Nope, Tea Bagger works. It's a perfect description of the mindset most prevalent in today's GOP.

I know liberals have a long running reputation of turning the other cheek and playing nice, but those days are over. The gloves are off and the knives are sharp.

Tea bagger, tea bagger, tea bagger! If the name didn't fit, maybe we would quit.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Now, wait just a minute anonymous

I apologize that my comment was too oblique. I am in complete agreement with you that rape must not be tolerated and how we respond to it must be commensurate with the outrage of the crime itself. My response was directed at what I saw as an attempt to demonize a political party based on the timing of the students’ complaint. I also agree this is not a right/left, progressive/conservative issue. The "university culture issue" I was refering to was the tendancy of a university to circle its wagaons and hide evidence of the levels of campus crime. That, btw, is a core issue of the complaint by the administrator in this story, that the UNC-CH administration coerced her into lowering the number of reported campus rapes. I was not using the phrase to refer to a "boy-will-be-boys" acceptance of this crime.

Any input on anything else I said Thurman?

Gotcha on the "Tea bagger" reference. Loud and clear.

That was just a snipet of what I said. I guess that trumped the main purpose of my post.


Bagger please!

But I thought the POINT of this site was for people to discuss issues by going beyond the hateful labels?

"Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. "
Martin Luther King Jr.


My comment was aimed at Anonymous, which I thought was pretty clear given that's who said the term had no place here. If I recall correctly it was tea party folk who first began calling themselves that before they understood the other connotations of the term. Unfortunate for them? Maybe.

If you consider yourself one of them, well, I guess it's unfortunate for you too, but honestly, I hadn't even read your post when I wrote mine.

Me thinks thou protesteth too much.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Nice reply

And, so, my reply is just negated because you "say" you were responding to someone else.

Lovely. I didn't "protest" on anything. But, sounds good, though. I'm not one of "them", whoever "them" is.

Actually @ Thurman

Does the fact that some African-Americans self-identify using the "N" word justify your use of it?

From the "About" page:
"Our aspiration? Do good, be nice, have fun. It's harder than you think."


I was looking for a shorthand term

I remember all these folks walking around with tea bags stapled to their tri-cornered hats and thought tea bagger was an appropriate term. That didn't necessarily mean they were members of the Tea Party ... but it did provide a glimpse into the mindset behind their actions.

What's a better term? How about "hateful, delusional liars on the right?"

There's a lot of natural tension in the sweet spot of doing good, being nice, and having fun. Of the three, I put "doing good" in first place.

Calling hateful, delusional liars to account for themselves is part of "doing good." I welcome your help in figuring out how to do that while also "being nice." That said, the kind of "being nice" that comes with political correctness is almost guaranteed to fall short in making a difference. That's why I often say, "My job is to hold down the extremist front so that progressives like you seem reasonable by comparison."

How's that for nice?

Thanks James

Your response said what I was thinking much more eloquently than I could have.

I used to agonize over how to say what's on my mind without offending anyone, but all it got me was frustrated. As you may have noticed, I was pretty much absent for much of the last year, not because I had nothing to say, but because I got tired of every time I spoke my mind I got lambasted by those who disagreed with my tactics, which are similar to yours.

Yes, I made use of a term that mimics a common phrase among certain ethnic circles. That doesn't make me a racist or a bad person and I refuse to change how I speak or write to please anyone's sensitivities. In fact, I'm more likely to come back with a haughty 'F*** you' than anything else.

Obviously my little play on syllables hit the mark. It got your attention, one way or another. Ever think that maybe we might need a few more loose cannons on our side to maybe appeal to those on the other with the inclination to defect but can't quite see themselves as stereotypical "pointy-headed liberals"?

It takes all kinds, and for better or worse, after almost fifty years I'm finally accepting the fact that I'm definitely a different kind compared to most people, and I've almost reached the point where I'm okay with that.

Like the man said, perhaps my variety of colorful commentary will make your particular slant look a bit more sane. Fine by me, because frankly I simply don't give a sh** anymore, and I'm tired of holding back out of fear I might offend someone.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Just to show how old and un-randy I am I had to use the urban

dictionary to understand the woo-hoo over "tea-bagger." Live in a closet, I do.

I suggest in place of that offensive label, we just decribe them as they are: loathesome...despicable...useless...bigots.

Stan Bozarth