Ready, set, organize!

In an effort to shed even more light on the great nonpartisan organizing work young folks are doing this summer, I wanted to share this video and blog link from some students working in Winston-Salem:

Our current political climate is one that disregards all disenfranchised peoples. Our struggle is a shared experience, and we are all at the starting line together. The clock is ticking, and the race is on as we fight for our democracy. This montage is not our call to action, but a reflection of that which is actively being done.

The youth aren't just our future. They're present day leaders. And we need to honor and support that.


Youth outreach

Though the Democracy Summer blog normally highlights the great work being done by college student interns, there is also a lot of nonpartisan work being done by youth more broadly.

There are college students making calls to educate people about new voting laws, high school students helping plan voter registration drives at their schools, and middle school students making calls to let folks know about important local events and meetings they can attend.

Here's one spotlight on a few high school interns who have been doing a lot of voter education while learning a little something themselves. They recently even got to meet with one of the state Senators for their home town.

Josh, a senior at Jordan High School, had never previously considered engaging with politics. Now, as he’s tasked to phone-bank, he’s becoming more interested in what is happening around the state. He plans on voting this November and speaking more openly about voting to his friends.

Antonio learned about PYO through his sister, a graduate of the program, and was motivated by his mom to get involved. Though Antonio is seventeen and not eligible to vote this election, he has sparked conversations about the new voting laws amongst friends and family.

For me, going to college is what it took to really break out of my bubble and see the stake we all have in making this a better state. I am grateful to see the next generation as one of faster learners than myself!

The future is now

If you haven't started reading the blog yet, here's another teaser to get you interested:

Throughout our internship we have run into many individuals who have told us that we have a “Bright future ahead of us” or said“You are the future.” Though we do appreciate their kind words and praise, one thing we want people to know about the “next generation of organizers” is that we are already here and our time starts now.

All those pictured above are interning or working with statewide organizations, such as Democracy NC, Equality NC, and the NAACP, to better our community.