Red for Ed could be generating some green

Republicans feeling the heat over their mistreatment of NC teachers:

All of the sudden it seems, the GOP leaders who cut public education and bashed public school teachers for sport during the last legislative session are getting all warm and fuzzy and talking about giving teachers raises.

But this is no “goodness of the heart” revelation. Surely the Republicans don’t believe that North Carolina’s teachers, or its residents, will buy the notion that a new age of enlightenment has arrived and that those champions of private school vouchers and an end to master’s pay have suddenly said to themselves, “Oh, my goodness! Our teachers are 46th in the nation in average teacher pay. We’re shocked, shocked we tell you!”

No, it isn't. And in the deepest part of their black hearts, they probably blame the teachers they've screwed for their own political predicament. Or like the DAG, they blame the media. Anybody but themselves will fill the bill. All that being said, the teachers really do need a raise. Even if it slightly blunts the voter outrage next November, I hope the GOP follows through with this.


Two steps back...

....and one step forward won't be much progress...

I hope they do something meaningful...or nothing at all.

It's tempting to feel that way

While I am concerned about making some major fixes to the way we treat our teachers, I always try to remember (on this and other issues) the folks who are teetering on the edge. Even a small pay increase will keep x number of families from being foreclosed upon, and ameliorate, to a certain extent, many other economic issues.