Redistricting, or expedient demise?

Amidst the smooth lawyer-talk, our best public servants are being targeted:

Woodcox stressed that people can talk about any of the maps at any of the meetings. “There’s a misconception out there that after today, you can’t talk about the VRA maps. Of course you still can. We’re not going to cut you off.”

Why, thank you, Brent. I will talk about it. I've seen one of your bullshit maps, the one where you used a scalpel to follow down a specific street, so you could put two of the smartest, most effective, ethical and dedicated ladies (Pricey Harrison and Maggie Jeffus), that have ever walked the halls of the General Assembly, into the same District. You're not punishing the Democratic Party, you're punishing the entire state, by pulling the chair out from under our best lawmakers. That ain't good government, it's aspiring to mediocrity.


forsyth is not a VRA county

one thing you need to consider in this jeffus harrison issue is look at how close these 2 live next to each other. They both should have been in the same district they live 3 blocks away from each other.

the big issue is that looking at forsyth county and the early maps that were out for all to see is that Forsyth County is not a county under the voting rights act but it looks like they made 2 districts comply with i don't know what paramaters for the 2 districts in forsyth.

I know that a lot of us are going to talk about all of this redistricting but to hear everyone for the past decade have no problem with packing voters in mel watt's district but now have a problem with it is completely laughable. Like i have said at other post on redistricting "pot meet kettle"

Sorry, but this is not relevant:

They both should have been in the same district they live 3 blocks away from each other.

Pricey didn't even run for office until three years after the last redistricting. The District wasn't drawn for her, and it shouldn't be (re)drawn specifically to get rid of her.

It's not right, Keith, and you know it.