Renewable energy once again under attack in NC

Because something that is wise, popular and successful must be stopped:

After the hearing, Hager said he may propose a study that would focus on how green subsidies impact energy costs, which he sees as a major impediment to economic growth and attracting business to the state. Last year Hager, a former Duke Energy engineer, pushed a bill to phase out the subsidies. But it got stuck in the committee he chairs, the House Committee on Public Utilities and Energy, after encountering resistance from some of the state’s top Republicans.

The subsidies date back to 2007 and require electric utilities to generate 12.5 percent of the power they sell to homes and businesses from solar, wind and other renewables by 2021. The complex law includes sweeteners for industry and power companies, and lawmakers were reluctant to dismantle the policy piecemeal.

Because it works. The various Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (REPS) enacted by states with vision have brought down the cost of Solar PV immensely over the last 5-6 years, and it will continue to do so if the Republican leadership will keep these ideological misfits from breaking something they just don't like.


Somebody needs to ask Hager...

...about subsidies for fracking exploration.

But bribing businesses to locate here is OK.

It's been told that Hager has been saying that he thinks he has Tillis' spot as Speaker of the House wrapped up.

Be very wary of this man. Contact your Representatives and remind them of his history so they can't say they weren't informed.