Rep. Larry Pittman- NC GOP sociopath of the week

I don't know what the hell is in the water down in Cabarrus County, but apparently it makes folks vote for people who are corrupt(Fletcher Hartsell), or just bat shit crazy, GOP Rep. and misogynistic minister Larry Pittman.

This week Larry introduced legislation aimed at the nullification crowd, those who believe they can ignore federal laws completely if the law doesn't fit their agenda. HB 246, the "Gun Rights Amendment", will allow people with a valid conceal carry permit to tote their piece wherever they feel threatened.

This means when you go to your kid's school, a hospital, a city park, church, bar, theater, court house, drug store,Post Office, wherever, you can pack it with a smile. When you go to a birthday party for your friend's eight year old, pack it. You never know when that friggin clown might get out of hand and have to be put down.

This isn't the first time Pittman has raised eye brows with his stupidity, apparently Larry's ignorance knows no bounds. He came to the nation's attention last year when as a member of the HHS Appropriations he, along with his like minded buddies, voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

Never mind the fact that PP provides free contraception and actually reduces the number of abortions, that don't fit the Larry's dogma.

Last year good old Larry sent an e-mail out to state legislators calling for "public hangings" of medical professionals who perform a constitutionally protected medical procedure. Pittman told the outrageous lie that "75% of PP revenue comes from abortions", actually it is less than 3%.

Larry Pittman has a problem with the U.S. Constitution, he's never read it, doesn't understand it and sadly never will. For this reason Republican Larry Pittman is the NC GOP sociopath of the Week, and a good bet for sociopath of the year.


gun control

I have absolutely no problem with stricter gun control laws, I believe they are needed.

I'm also a gun owner, Army veteran, life long hunter, fisherman, and I ran a trap line until I graduated high school. I believe in the right to bear arms, I don't believe civilians need weapons designed for military use, nor do we need to carry them in certain public places. This just feeds the delusional paranoia of right-wing extremists.

David Esmay