Reporters barred from gun show

I guess if you want to know what's going on, you'll have to go yourself:

The Sun Journal was not allowed inside the show despite the fact that Craven County Sheriff’s Office personnel were issuing gun permits at a table lined with those applying, like Blake Taylor of New Bern, who said he was getting a hand gun permit.

So much for "open government". Public servants should not be discharging their (taxpayer-funded) duties in a private environment where the proprieter can bar the press from observing. Allowing one without the other is a clear breach of the public's trust and needs, if not the actual letter of the law.


Why on earth would the

Why on earth would the Sherriff's Department set up at a gun show? Don't they have an office?
Gun enthusiasts should have to find their way to the appropriate location to conduct business with the proper official.
I don't think it makes sense to facilitate the process at all.

nutjobs with guns = job security

Wouldn't want Amerca getting safer or anything.

(No, i am not serious.)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Oath of office perhaps?

Elected officials, like a Sheriff, in NC swear to support and defend the laws and constitutions of the country and state. Firearms ownership is Constitutional and legal at this time. The Sheriff's Dept appears to have been efficiently executing a duty (permits) of their office. NC is a "shall issue" state for permits, so a Sheriff efficiently doing their job is both lawful and "good" customer service.

There is no difference in this than if a social services agency went to a health, job, etc. fair to efficiently execute their duties rather than requiring people go to some "appropriate location" to sign up. "Why should the Employment Security Commission be at the job fair or the shutdown of the carpet factory? Don't they have an office? I don't think it makes sense to facilitate this process at all."

Vilify handgun ownership or social welfare if you want. Under the law, they are legal and require personal interaction with a government agency to sign up for.