Republican insanity: convert all schools to charter schools

Pardon the Star Trek reference, but... Your Child Will Be Assimilated:

Lambeth said converting the system’s 80 schools into a charter-school district would give administrators more flexibility to help teachers and improve the academic performance of the district’s 53,300 students. Forsyth County has five charter schools.

Help teachers? Really? Will they be able to retain their membership in the NCAE? Will they still have the same pay and benefits that their counterparts in other districts have? How about tenure? The reality is, not even the author of this white paper (begins page 5) knows the answers.


What happened .... choice?

Good question

White paper or not, we probably won't know all the details until the legislation is written. That said, it appears that only a handful of people will be involved in the decision-making process if the Legislature (and Governor Pope) okay this.

Charters do not work any better than public

Research is in and what you get with charters is that some are good and some are bad, just like public schools. The charters that tend to perform better are also those that tend to limit undesirealbe students in some fashion. The original idea behind charters was laudable, but in practice there is no educational benefit. Political benefit, perhaps.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

I don't mean to diminish

the role of parental involvement in education. Indeed, it's probably something that should be pushed harder than anything else. But the student whose parent(s) would be involved enough to want to send their child to a better/different/safer/whatever school is probably not one of the 20% failing students anyway.

Parental choice won't do a damn thing to improve the graduation rate, and it might even make it worse by draining potential role models from schools that are struggling. Good teachers are important for a school's improvement, but so are good students. They may even be more important.

Will these schools

be allowed to kick out kids for being gay or having gay parents?

Probably not...

...for that specific reason, but they'll find a way.

I hope not too

I know private schools have, but I don't know where charter schools fall. Public schools have a mandate to serve everyone without discrimination or financiall barriers to entry so I'm weary of other approaches sometimes.

Our local Charter...

...dumps the "underachievers" back into the public schools right before EOG tests to keep their overall averages up.... they get to keep the money, though.

No Gays Allowed

Breaking: Over 100 schools in the state of Georgia say 'No Gays Allowed!' – and are still taking over $170 million away from public coffers.

Georgia lawmakers want to add millions more to this program that supports schools who explicitly ban gay and lesbian students.

One purpose of charter

One purpose of charter schools is to break the teachers unions.

Did you know that a foreign citizen can invest certain amounts of money into for-profit charter school companies, and thereby earn themselves a permanent green card to come to America? That is part of the push towards for-profit education companies. The other part is to take the public treasury and put it in private hands. No company whose first obligation is to its shareholders can put the education of a child first.

The Koch brothers are still trying to dismantle public education in America and charters play a role in that.