Republicans keep unemployed tied up in the back room

In the wake of Governor Perdue's Veto of HB 383, which tied extending unemployment benefits for 37,000 jobless North Carolinians to a draconian Continuing Resolution that would result in thousands more North Carolinians losing their jobs, the next logical and compassionate step would be to separate those two conflicting policies so those 37,000 folks could get relief.

But as you can see (hear) from this presser, Republicans have no desire to do the right thing. Paraphrased:

"We sent a bill to the Governor...the next step is up to her or five Democrats in the House to override."


But of course, when you have a complex

political scenario like this, where one side sets the other side up to look bad, a lot of the voters just don't understand who's at fault:

“I don’t think she should have done it,” said Louise McCorkle, a 75-year-old retiree who had driven her son to the Iredell County Employment Securities Commission building in west Statesville Monday afternoon. “There are just too many people out here who need the help,” McCorkle added. “I just think it was the wrong thing to do at this time.”

“First of all I think it’s horrible,” said Perry. “But it was shocking to see it knowing that she (Perdue) is a Democrat. Just knowing the citizens here and how all these jobs have been shipped out overseas, I always thought it was the government’s job to step in and help out.”

It is the government's job. But the Republican government you elected is not doing that job, they're doing everything in their power to do just the opposite: hurt the citizens of our state.

Attention Legislative Democrats

House Democrats: File a discharge petition for a benefits bill (House Bill 676 ?) in the House (Rule 39).

Senate Democrats: Take similar action on a similar bill so long as the NC Legislative Republicans persist in playing games.

There's no reason a minority can't keep the pressure on the majority.

Prove to them beyond doubt that they can be hurt with these "games" as well.

Free advice. Treat as you wish.


Attention Legislative Democrats: Thanks

Rep. Wainwright just gave notice on the floor of the NC House as I have suggested here.

Good work.

You're welcome.