Reverend Barber: "This is no time for foolishness"


Reverend (Dr.) Barber is a force of nature

I have to say, I've become somewhat jaded over the years. Politicians (with the exception of Prez Obama and a few others) cannot "move" me with their oratory, which often approaches a poignant level but veers off into self-aggrandizing at just the wrong moment. But Reverend Barber hits that poignancy and stays with it, and leaves me with the feeling change *is* possible. I don't know how else to describe it, but we're lucky to have him.

You realize of course

You realize of course that there are people who despise him.

If Barber were white, the mainstream of conservative America would love him to death. It's just another example of our tragically racist culture.

Jesus was a blue-eyed white boy, don't you know?

Until I heard him speak

for the first time, I was a little iffy myself. The blending of religion and politics has always put me off, because most of those leaders are merely exploiting a situation and not really working for change.

I'm still uncomfortable when Rev Barber launches into a prayer to ask for guidance or whatnot, but that's likely more a problem with me than him, so.