Richardson rejects appointment...Blago is impeached...what's next?

Well, it's official..."Blago" is being impeached. Looks pretty sure they have the goods on him. And, this is coming on the heels of some very secret/private reasons with regard to Richardson's rejection of his cabinet appointment. Now, yeah, most presidents have seen controversy and so forth...but in this case, it's before Obama has even taken office. Demos just HAVE to be feeling a bit worried about what's next. I mean, Obama isn't even in office and people tied to him are already going under politically. It's worrisome, so say the least. Obama certainly has a smooth and debonair way about him, but that won't keep him from being questioned and it won't be long if this kind of thing continues (oh, how 'bout that CIA head selection????) that there will be some serious questions presented.


Yeah...and I'm shocked at that as well

Don't think that I'm just zeroing in on demos having "political problems", Ms. Betsy. You know how I feel about such things as Craig was involved in.

No...didn't admonish the authorities about it on guess ya got me there.

I'll try to be more "fair and balanced" :

The best thinking is independent thinking.

And Corporate Porn wants in on the Bailout too!

Just when you think things have quited down on the Bailout plans, a another group or special interest industry led by Larry Flynn [ Hustler Maz] and the CEO of the " Girls Gone Wild videos" have combine forces and demanding they get some of the bailout money to save their industry.....After all Perverts do have cash flow problems just like normal folks..........

About 175 years ago, A French political leader wrote a little book called " The Law" [Fredick Bastie] That all governments would roll over and accept all kind of demands from special interests groups in order to save themselves from proverty. It appears that a mass gang bang is happening to the American Treasury.