Right Wing Nutcase Watch: Gun March on DC Morphing into 50 State Call to Dissolve the Union

Some of you might recall Adam Kokesh, the right-wing gun rights advocate and conspiracy theorist who called for a Million Gun Owners March on DC a few weeks back on his radio show.

Now, he's really gone off the deep end, calling for gun owners to march on their state capitals, rather than DC, and demand "dissolution of the Federal government".

You can read more about it at Media Matters.

Currently, his Facebook page for the DC March has 5,000 people that have said they'll attend. It could just be hot air, but I think this is worth keeping a close eye on.

I'm starting this thread in case anyone runs into any rumblings among local NC groups about marching on Raleigh. Hate groups and extremists are still fairly active in NC and there's been a history of violent clashes in the past, as recently as the 1980s - if they're planning to march on Raleigh on a Moral Monday, that would not be cool. And if there's any hint that a Republican in the state legislature expresses any sympathy for this lunatic fringe or has any connections to it, post it in the comments.


Maybe all the Moral Monday folks

should pack heat?

Just kidding ... but it is an interesting thought experiment.


...it occurs to me that Tillisberger & the Minions are all for law-abiding citizens packing heat...so long as they aren't liberals, or gays, or poor people, or Muslims, or ...

And as you've pointed out, James, the Jones Street House of Pain denizens are all for law-abiding citizens packing heat everywhere in the state...except, of course, in the Jones Street House of Pain, where they apparently are willing to risk not having "good guys with guns" to protect them.

Yes, you're just kidding, but their hypocrisy is genuine.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014