Rightwing Blog Report Jan 31

How do you spell rightwing? "Right-wing," "Rightwing," or "Right Wing?" I tend to want to conjoin my words...

Red Clay Citizen

  • Chris Hayes claims that WRAL coverage of Democratic gubernatorial primary favors Richard Moore.
  • Arnold Kling says that medicaid is pure evil. I didn't read the whole article. (Sorry).
  • Max Borders is really excited because a Bill Clinton said there might be costs involved in fighting global warming. I assume Max Borders doesn't believe in global warming, but whatever...
  • Oh and, break out the champagne, Civitas is launching the North Carolina Partisan Index!!! I guess Civitas felt like it wasn't getting enough credit for partisan electioneering.

Kids Prefer Cheese

Sister Toldjah

  • I don't know why this blog is popular. Mockery of McCain, mockery of Nader, and then more mockery (and sometimes despair) of McCain. Nothing interesting.

Brent Woodcox

  • Karl Rove announces some new rules in the WSJ:
    • the early state bounce is gone
    • television ads don't matter as much as they used to
    • technology allows a candidate to raise money quickly and inexpensively
    • debates can make up for a lack of resources and endorsements

Hang Right Politics

  • Misgivings on the stimulus package. Won't this cost us money down the road?

Art Pope's EnvironmentNC

I've been told that the Locke Foundation is embarrassed by Civitas and doesn't like to be associated with them. If that's the case, I wonder how John Hood feels about EnviromentNC.

  • EnvironmentNC shares Max Borders' enthusiasm for this Bill Clinton quote: “We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions ’cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren.” I don't know when putting people before profits became politically disadvantageous, but the Art Pope people think they've got something here.

Thunder Pig

This website is still slow, ugly, and annoying.

  • He cut and paste an article about Liddy Dole meeting secretly with Gates County Commissioners.
  • Some cute photos of a Ron Paul voter registration event at WCU.
  • On McCain: "We will resist this man every step of the way of the nomination process. We will teach our children quietly, then one day, we will rise up, and topple the evil RINO Coalition."

Stephen Bainbridge

  • Some blockquotes illustrating how Bush has attempted to further increase the power of the executive branch. (If you saw the SOTU you know that Bush thinks that it is his role as president to condescend to Congress.)

Ogre’s Politics and Views

  • Ron Paul Money Bomb February 1st.
  • Somehow Ogre thinks that the government forced predatory lenders to make predatory loans. This is an interesting idea. Rightwingers, after defending predatory lenders for the past two decades, could potentially now be held accountable for the economic crisis. However, if the fundamentalist movement is able to now equate predatory lending with government, not only can they escape accountability, they also can gain a new opportunity to undermine consumer protections.

Locker Room

  • Some notes on the House Select Committee on Municipal Annexation. Apparently, there are 6 Republicans on the committee and 4 Democrats.
  • Abby Alger hates on polar bears. But since she failed to provide a facebook parody page of polar bears, I'm not that impressed. (Munger if you are reading this, please send Abby the memo on how all cheap shots must be accompanied by facebook parody pages.)
  • George Leef wonders if the impending recession will trigger another New Deal. Except for, unlike most Americans, he thinks that the New Deal was a bad thing.

NC Republican Roundtable

  • Linda Davies: “John Edwards failed to gain traction in his bid for President because he was unable to connect with voters. He decided early on in the 2008 campaign to move as far to the left as possible to appeal to the ultra-liberal wing that controls the Democrat Party. He droned on with a message of doom and gloom continually portraying a negative outlook for America."

NC Rumors

I think this blog went dead for a while, and now is trying to revive itself.

Rob Boyce

Cold Fury

  • “Honest” John McCain, far from being “better than either of the Democratic candidates,” is quite possibly the worst choice for President any Constitution-revering American could ever make. But hey, he’s got an “R” after his name in the papers, so have at it, RINOs. You’ll forgive me, I hope, if I don’t clap my little hands, shriek for joy, and jump right in your hellbound handbasket.


NC Rumors

is administered by Jason Saine who used to have an internet and mailing services company called Tech5 with McHenry and three other 10th District Repugs. He has a blog out of Lincoln County that prints Patty's pr.

When he got outed a few months ago as a McHenry ally, NC Rumors went dead, I'm told, on the orders of Jason Deans and/or Brett Keeter (McHenry's inforcer dudes).
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Thanks Drama

Thanks for the background. I wonder if there is any traffic to speak of? NC Rumors is a Drupal blog, so I should check and see how open it is. For all I know, Jason will let me post stories there. But I have no way of knowing if anyone goes there . . .

Do you know what Jason Saine is up to now politically?

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The GOP will try to suppress the vote in 2008.

Thanks, Jerimee

There's making up for irrelevance with volume?

Yet another reason....

to vote for Obama.