RNC's robocalls in NC

Is it just me, or are others who read BlueNC getting calls about the VP candidate's visit to Raleigh this week? I was busy reading about the GOP's latest super dooper Looney Tooners exploits surrounding the economy and abortion rights, and I got a call just after supper. Then I got a second call about an hour ago.

Fine with me if they want to waste their resources on a lost cause, but it is puzzling as to why they keep doing this.


They called me

Just once.

It was fun telling the mindless robothingie to leave me alone and drop dead. I don't often talk to machines, but in this case, catharsis was needed.

At least once a day, often more

The RNC robo-calls me at least once a day, sometimes 3 times a day, for the last month. What ignorant fool would think this would make me want to vote for their candidates? What ignorant fool would allow this to help him/her make up their minds about who to vote for?

The same ignorant fools that think Obama is somehow single-handedly responsible for this economy...