Robin Hayes Denies his Denial & Defends Palin's "Honor"

As if the whole Robin Hayes Liberal Haters fiasco couldn't get any nuttier, today in a televised local debate, Robin Hayes denied his denial. Not only did he say that the comment was taken out of context (which it was not) he said he was defending Sarah Palin who he claims has been under attack.

At 3:00 on Part II of the debate video you will hear Robin Hayes talk about how his comments were taken out of context.

At 5:52 on Part IV of the debate video you will hear Robin Hayes deny his denial.


I will have Youtube video soon, I hope. If not, I will put the audio up so you don't have to travel away from Kos to witness this stupidity.

My favorite part the first video I provide is when Hayes says with contempt in his voice that the mainstream media hadn't even picked up the story until some blogger wrote about it. I guess the New York Observer isn't the mainstream media.....or "blogger" is now one of the rabid rights new red meat buzz words.

Please help us get rid of this imbecile. Please.

Update - Ryan Grim at The Crypt has done a much better job on this story. Check it out.

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Done done

Poor Robin. Can't even lie right.

Doubts about Dole?


...and Hilarious!

As long as he keeps running his mouth, we can continue to spank him over the issue. Wheeeee!

Robin Hayes

Since Jon Stewart has been pounding this theme of rightwingers claiming America belongs to them, an audio visual of this part of Hayes' campaign would be perfect fodder for Daily Show skewering.

Here's hoping someone with Comedy Central gets word.