To Robin Hayes...Ignore the protestors!

Well, I got on a roll after being absolutely disgusted with his ad against Kissell, and voting for the Military Commissions act...and faxed him this last night. I know it's chaff in the wind...but maybe he'll start to get the idea of how much we want him out...and why.

Letter follows...

TO: Representative Robin Hayes

SUBJECT: Ignore the Protestors

Dear Representative Hayes,

All those people lined up outside your office with wooden stakes and torches....go ahead and ignore them. After all, they’re just a bunch of plebian citizens concerned about torture, the right to a fair trial, and the right of Habeas Corpus. Screw them...just like you screwed them when you voted for CAFTA. What the heck do you care? You’ve got yours...your millions plus a nice retirement and health insurance paid for by all the little people and you simply shouldn’t be concerned that you’ve voted to reject the very foundations and the fundamental moral fabric upon which this nation was built.

Keep up the good work lying about Larry Kissell...saying he doesn’t support Medicare Part D. After all, we don’t want somebody in politics who’s actually HONEST do we? By the way, you did a great job for big Pharma; it was a real stroke of genius to make sure senior citizens using Part D would have to pay up to 10 times the price that the VA pays for the same drugs. Well, somebody really messed that up cuz the VA gets to NEGOTIATE for their drugs. You did good on that on Part D though! I’m certain when you’re re-elected you can work on Social Security next. There’s a lot of money to be had there, ya know.

Now, about this Foley thing: People will get over it. I mean, really, Pedophilia is nothing compared to the shafting Congress is giving to America’s poor and middle class....and those morons have been putting up with it haven’t they? It’s like your hero Bush said, you can fool some of the people all of the time,... and those are the one’s Republicans need to focus on! If you can keep this war in Iraq going so well, you’ll have killed off most of the poor and middle class pretty soon anyway...and just your rich politician friends will be left. (Twenty-four more in Iraq in the last few days.)

I wouldn’t let it bother me either that folks are talking about you Republicans in Congress as mostly being a bunch of cowardly turds who purposely avoided military service to our country. Goodness sakes, I can sure understand why. I mean, a fella might get hurt. It’s so much easier to talk big and tough and denigrate those “cut and run” Democrats.

Hey, did you hear about ole tricky Dick Cheney having the Secret Service arrest that guy in Colorado? Just imagine, seems some citizen saw Lord Cheney in a shopping mall and had the nerve and insolence to stop his imperial fatness and tell him that he...a stupid private citizen...disagreed with the way Lord Cheney and “the Decider” were running the war in Iraq. Well, Cheney showed him...had the little twerp arrested in front of his small children...and the SS (Hmm..maybe that sounds a little Germanic) was gonna take his kids and turn them over to Social Services. Too bad the creep’s wife was nearby and got the kids...we coulda tortured his kids....nothing bad...just a little water-boarding or a day or two in the freezer. These little people never learn!

Well, as much fun as it is corresponding with you, I gotta run. One of our other Republican candidates is having a big whoop-de-do. I hear he’s going to strangle kittens in front of a group of wheelchair bound children to show how tough he is and how secure our nation will be if we vote Reeeeepublican.

Keep up the good work.........


Great letter.


Stan, Stan, Stan

You've outdone yourself! That is hilarious.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh I hope he really reads that!

I also hope that the ghosts of Christmas visit him and he has a revelation! But I bet instead, that he'd just have them arrested, and good ole Santa too if he caught him!

Great Letter Stan!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

You Rock, Stan!

Now send that out to all the locals papers as an "Open Letter To Rep Hayes"

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies