Robinson Tells Me Not To Call

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I just got off the phone with a campaign worker at Robinson For Congress. I was calling to get comment on and fact check some info for a piece I am putting together and will blog later, as soon as I get all of the documents I need in hand.

I was told, first off, that "Mr Robinson does not want me to call his campaign to ask questions any more".

I asked, "Why"?

The response was "that Mr Robinson feels you are harassing him".

I asked, "How so"?

"The FEC Complaints that you are filing aren't making him happy."

I stated that I do look at the Miller campaigns FEC filing, and that I don't find any discrepancies. That if Vernon filed his quarterlies as they should be and wasn't breaking any campaign laws, I'd have nothing to complain about. I also stated that I don't feel like uncovering the truth is harassing someone.

The response was, "Well when we mentioned your name, Mr. Robinson seemed to get infuriated."

Seems like Vernon can dish it out, but he sure can't take it. I have kept my cool and not flown off the handle in this matter, it seems like Vernon is stripping me of my 1st Amendment rights of a free press. The more subtle I get, the madder he becomes.

I told the gentleman, "It sure is hard for me to get Vernon's side, when I have had my communications cut. I am after the truth and uncovering the distortions of the truth."

I then asked, "Should I assume that Vernon has no comment then, in the future?"

"Mr Robinson has your number and he'll call if he has a comment.", I was told.

Well Mr Robinson, I feel like I am doing my duty as a citizen of the district you are running for. This election is in the public interest and I am covering that interest. Filing FEC complaints is only facilitated by having to, to make sure your books are in order. If you weren't breaking laws in the FEC guidelines, I wouldn't have to complain. I would do the same to the Miller campaign, if their books weren't so squeaky clean. There are laws for a reason. Follow these laws and I have nothing to say. You should just hire me as your Treasurer and then your book would be straight, I seem to know the laws pretty good. Don't I?

As a citizen and a freelance writer(journalist) I have an obligation to my fellow citizens to make sure this is a clean election. It is something I am passionate about. As long as you are doing wrong I will report it. I will fact check you and hold you accountable. If you feel like I am harassing you, please file charges, because no judge in the land would uphold them. I have rights and I am well within them, and will continue to be. You have asked me not to call, so I will not. That doesn't mean I'm going away. My work on this election won't be done until November the 2nd. Please don't forget that.

Maybe you should get your ducks in a row so I don't have to. I have called your campaign office once to ask for your side of a story, and I am told not to call back? I am a citizen of the 13th District, is this how you are going to handle all your constituents, if you happen to win? I think the people would like to know. And Vernon, the truth please, this is getting old having to correct a grown mans mistakes.


jovittore, wow

Vernon Robinson infuriated? You don't say. Poor t'ing. He's such a gracious and charitable guy. Why would kharma visit harassment on such a man? [excuse me while i dodge the lightning bolts from Above]


Way to go, jovittore!! Keep on him.

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