Roger Sharpe's 12 County Tour

As most everyone who reads my diaries knows, Roger Sharpe (running against Republican incumbent Virginia Foxx in the NC-5th) is a very traditional, grassroots, press-the-flesh candidate.

Roger proved that last week by visiting every county in the district over the course of two days. While I will not bore you with the standard press release (which, along with photos can be found at, I will include a few snippets from the 12 County Tour.

Quotes from Roger:

“I am running for United States Congress because I believe that you and our neighbors in the 5th congressional district deserve to have a representative who understands your communities and who will work for your best interests and not the interests of a privileged few. I am running because my opponent’s voting record proves that she is out of touch with the needs and values of working families in Northwest North Carolina and I believe that we deserve better.”

“My opponent has a reputation of putting up yard signs that read, “Foxx Country.” Well, let me tell you about Foxx Country. In Foxx Country, Big Oil executives rake in record profits while hourly wage earners struggle to afford enough gas to get to work and enough food to feed their families. In Foxx Country, funding for public education and higher learning is slashed while our students get left behind. Halliburton gets billions of dollars in government aid but our brave men and women in the armed forces have to buy their own body armor. Our neighbors who were victims of hurricane Katrina get nothing but under funded promises. In Foxx country, greedy pharmaceutical companies write our nation’s healthcare policies while our senior citizens cannot afford their prescription medication and 45 million Americans are living without health insurance. “

“This is simply unacceptable in Our America and we will not stand for it any longer! This is not Virginia Foxx’s country. This is your land, OUR Country, Our America. Because this is Our America, we have a chance in this election to take it back. Because this is Our America, we can pull together to make this a stronger country.”

And finally, the kicker:

“I challenge Virginia Foxx to debate me and to explain how it is that she is so disconnected with the people in our communities who she was elected to serve but whose values she has abandoned. Today, I challenge Mrs. Foxx to come out of her gated community and to engage in a serious debate of the issues that are affecting the lives of working families in Northwestern North Carolina. I am ready to debate her anytime, anywhere.”

One other note of interest. An online poll taken by the Winston-Salem Journal shows that 56 percent of the public believes that Roger Sharpe can win this election. I believe that too, and thank everyone of you out there in netroots-land for taking the time to read this and for helping to make it happen!!

[Full text of Roger’s speech will be available soon on his website,]


Great report.

He should dog that Foxx till she's ready to cry uncle.

I love this kind of strong, in your face accusation and challenge. Very great to see Roger pushing hard.

Great report Crowbar

I thoroughly enjoyed Roger's blogging at Firedoglake on Saturday.

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