Rothenberg Trashes the Shumaker - Burr Poll

If Paul Shumaker and his Carolina Strategy Group cohorts thought they were going to ever cut it as a legitimate polling firm, I imagine they are rethinking their strategy of releasing a piss-poor, "seriously flawed" poll as a means of launching the firm onto the national political stage.

From Stuart Rothenberg:

Ironically, in reporting on the North Carolina controversy recently, Politico mistakenly treated a seriously flawed Republican “poll” as if it were a legitimate public opinion survey. The Hotline made the same mistake, proving that even careful, politically astute journalists can miss things.

Politico’s article on PPP refers to Burr consultant Paul Shumaker and a “survey” conducted by his firm, Carolina Strategy Group, which appears to show the Senator somewhat better positioned for re-election than does PPP’s polling.

The problem is that many of the questions in that particular “poll” are loaded, discrediting the entire survey and making it look much worse than PPP’s approach. (Interestingly, Republican strategists aren’t complaining about it — or Republican or Republican-leaning pollsters who also produce survey results that sometimes seem mind-bogglingly outlandish.)

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Paul Shumaker is the best thing that ever happened for Democrats in this race. As Burr's campaign manager he's helped his boss garner some earned media and I'm just as sure as I can be that Richard Burr is tickled pink with all the press attention. At this rate, we could run my dog Trigger against Richard Burr and Trigger would win.


Shumaker is paying a paltry sum

as crappy as the poll was maybe he overpaid?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Bigger fish need frying.

Republicans lie, cheat and steal. Got it.

Any news?