In Rowan, GOP Stands for Grand Old Parasites

Wow. I didn’t know that being the party of limited government meant standing up for waterborne bacteria. Here in Rowan, our state and local elected officials have declined to endorse the Clean Water Bonds. They're worried that the bulk of the money will go down east.

Well, so what? I have relatives in Brunswick County. I don’t begrudge them clean water any more than I do my own family. Besides, many Rowan residents vacation down east. Guess from now on, I’ll have to pick up some bottles of Evian in addition to suntan lotion before we make a road trip to the beach, to prevent both sunburn and typhoid.

If Rowan Republicans aren’t willing to support new water and sewer lines down east, why would legislators from Wilmington or Greenville ever do us any favors? No wonder Andrew Brock is consistently rated among the least effective State Senators. Then again, given the abysmal record of the current Commission on economic development, perhaps they’re counting on a local economy so crippled that we won’t ever need new state money for capital improvements.

Of course the first obligation of elected officials is to their own districts. But county lines and district lines aren’t airtight barriers between us and the outside world. Rowan County is economically, politically, and environmentally integrated with the rest of North Carolina. Our elected officials just don’t get that. They hold us back.

Fortunately this is an election year. Democrats, for the most part, get it. Putting a Democratic majority on the County Commission and retiring Senator Brock will put our county on a more progressive footing.

There are some Republicans who get it too, but their party has been hijacked by an extremely shortsighted and negative cabal. They need to take it back, if not for the good of our communities, then at least for the good of their own fortunes. Republicans: The Party of Cholera isn’t a winner.


Excellent post, Marvin

I love the way you've framed this issue. And I especially like your last paragraph. Some people think progressives are opposed to all things conservative, which of course is nonsense. But as more and more Republicans demonstrate zero understanding of the concept of 'common good,' they sure make it hard to find anything to like about their party. Recommended.

Corrupt politicians

The Republicans don't have a monopoly on corruption and stupidity.
Liberals and conservatives both claim to be for ethical government.
I have exposed NC Att. Gen. Roy Cooper's lies to the US Supreme Court at continuously for 7 months. He hasn't denied the charges because they are true. Are Democrats only concerned with corruption by Republicans?

Chris Langdon