Ryan to schmooze with military contractors

Budget cutter tries to blame Obama for looming budget cuts:

The Wisconsin congressman is scheduled to appear at noon at a defense industry roundtable at the Partnership for Defense Innovation, which is in the All American Military Business Park just south of Fort Bragg. The nonprofit organization promotes economic development and supports research and development of technology with a focus on the defense industry. The roundtable is not open to the general public.

Of course it isn't open to the public. Fayetteville is home to thousands of combat veterans, who might have a few words to say about Paul Ryan's lack of support for victims of PTSD:

Ryan Voted Against $20 Million In AdditionalFunding For Suicide Prevention And PTSD ForVeterans. In 2011, Ryan voted against a motion whichwould have provided an additional $20 million forveterans’ medical service to help with post-traumaticstress disorder and suicide prevention. The $20 millionwould be put towards better advertising the suicideprevention assistance and services offered to veterans.The motion failed 184-234. [HR 2055, Vote #417,6/14/11; Congressional Record, 6/14/11]

Apparently for Rep. Ryan and his GOP buddies, one suicide per day is an acceptable rate, and doesn't need any extra funding to slow it down:

Suicides among U.S. military members have spiked this year, with an average of one suicide a day — the highest rate so far during a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to new Pentagon figures, 154 military service members committed suicide during the first 155 days of this year. During the same period, ending June 3, 136 U.S. troops died in combat in Afghanistan, according to icasualties.org, a website that tracks combat casualties.

And for the tens of thousands of National Guard and Reserves (and their families), who have shouldered much more than their fair share of the burden in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rep. Ryan doesn't think you deserve help with your health care coverage:

Ryan Opposed Expanding TRICARE To ThousandsOf National Guard & Reserve Volunteers. In 2005,Ryan voted against a motion to expand access to the military’s TRICARE health insurance program to thousands of reservist and National Guard members.

[HR 1815, Vote #221, 5/25/05]•Between September 11, 2001 And May 2005,About 433,000 Guard And Reserve MembersWere Called To Active Duty. “Between September11, 2001, and February 28, 2005, about 433,000guard and reserve members were mobilized—thelargest mobilization since the Korean War.” [RANDCorporation, 2008]

As a veteran, it disgusts me to see this man treat our troops so callously, and then turn around and stick his nose up the butts of military contractors. And as far as the Tea Party is concerned, if they're willing to throw their support behind a man who holds our true heroes in such contempt, they shouldn't be allowed to touch the Stars and Stripes, much less wave it around and use it as a bumper sticker.


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