Same boat - only worse

I am in a nursing home. I pushed the administration to get this process (absentee ballots and registration) started in early August. Somebody dragged their feet - probably a combo of admin. and MAT, so it took until 9/26 for the MAT team to show up. They only allotted 4 hours for a facility with 200 residents.

It has been suggested that my signature can be witnessed through the window. I was just informed that the MAT team will be back "in a few weeks."

To make things worse, the only way I could get any help was by going to the front lobby. I couldn't get out of bed that day.

I'm not at all confident that this will get resolved before Nov. 3.



Is there an organization...

... advocating for/helping residents of nursing homes with voting?

Hang in there...

If you're living where I think you're living (Macon County), I just sent an e-mail to the Board of Elections asking for help. Keep your fingers crossed.


I am at Carolina Pines in Asheville (Buncombe Co.)

Just sent another e-mail,

this time to Buncombe County BoE. I'll keep you posted.