From Sanford With Love

UPDATE: While the blogging goes on, it seems some of the more inflammatory posts are disappearing. Usually when you think you're untouchable, that's when you're not.


In this week's edition of the Independent, Billy Ball pulls back the curtain on Jim Womack, a sitting Lee County commissioner from Sanford who chairs the North Carolina Mining and Energy (Fracking) Commission.

Womack founded and for the past two-plus years has operated a vicious, spiteful, and above all unethical anonymous blog in Lee County. He and the other authors use the names of American Founding Fathers as cover. Ball calls it "the worst kept secret in Lee County."

I'm not going to include any of the posts here. See for yourself, if you like.

Boilerplate Tea Party platitudes aside, the blog dabbles in racism (the president is an imam, etc.), personal attacks, and other crass political behavior. If Jim was just in Lee County, this story may not have made its way beyond our county's borders and we'd have to continue suffering his bullyish Tea Party governance alone. But since Sen. Berger saw fit to appoint him to the fracking authority and he's on a crusade to fast track the whole process (this is the same fella who compared contaminated ground water to alien abduction), we get to share our favorite son with the rest of the state. Aren't you all lucky.

He's got his eyes on something bigger than Lee County commissioner. We'd be glad to get rid of him down here in Sanford, but I don't think we'd really wish him on the rest of the state either. Help us keep our eyes on him so the next place he goes is home.


This is both unbelievable and

This is both unbelievable and not the least bit surprising at the same time. Someone needs to ask Sen. Berger how he could have any confidence in such a questionable person.

He probably admires him

In Right-Wing Nutjobworld, there's no such thing as going overboard, especially if you're talking about our President.