Saturday News: Act your age


NC GOP CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE CHASTISED BY JUDGE OVER POOR PARENTING: Steve Von Loor, the Republican nominee challenging Democratic 4th District Congressman David Price, claimed that A.J. Robey was harassing him and making him afraid for his safety. He claims Robey has a collection of "assault knives" and has thrown rocks at his car. Meanwhile, Robey claimed the opposite was true, accusing Von Loor of threatening behavior toward Maria Robey, who divorced Von Loor in 2010. He wanted a court order to keep Von Loor away from his home. Wake County District Judge Dan Nagle threw out both claims, saying they didn't rise to the level of severity the law requires for protective orders. He also gave both men, who have engaged in an acrimonious back-and-forth on social media in recent weeks, and their wives a lecture about their parenting skills, telling them to start acting like adults. "Custody and visitation should be about the children, but now it's turned into something else, and it's having a bad effect on the children," Nagle said.

DEMOCRAT ANITA EARLS PUSHED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BALLOT AFTER REPUBLICAN BILL PASSED: A little-noticed bill passed by lawmakers last month could have a big impact on the race for North Carolina's Supreme Court. The bill, now law, will put Democrat Anita Earls' name last on the ballot for the court contest. It would have come first under the old law. Studies have shown ballot order favors the candidate listed first, and could make a difference in a close race. That change comes on the heels of another new law that puts all judicial races — including the Supreme Court — at the bottom of the ballot behind other races. "It's clearly done in the hopes of Republicans that ballot fatigue will kick in, and that will result in a drop-off of votes for those offices at the bottom of the ballot," said Wayne Goodwin, the state Democratic chairman.

NC VOUCHER SCHOOL ALSO TOOK MONEY FOR ENROLLING ABSENT FOREIGN ATHLETES: A federal indictment says Mack took about $1,000 per student from athletic recruiters to falsely represent about 75 foreign teens as students in Evelyn Mack Academy, which was authorized to enroll high school students under F1 visas. It says she entered false information into the Department of Homeland Security's computerized tracking system, allowing them to avoid detection by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as ICE. In 2016-17, state records show the academy received $25,200 in state money through the Opportunity Scholarship program that provides vouchers for low-income students to attend private schools. No details were provided on other cases, but the indictment says that Mack "falsely represented that approximately 75 aliens were full-time students" at Evelyn Mack Academy.

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION HAVING TROUBLE REUNITING PARENTS WITH CHILDREN TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM: A judge on Friday refused to grant the Trump administration a blanket extension of the deadline to reunite children separated from their parents at the border, instead acknowledging that more time may be justified only in specific cases. The administration said it needed more time to reunite 101 children under 5 years old to ensure the children's safety and to confirm their parental relationships. "The government must reunite them," the judge said. "It must comply with the time frame unless there is an articulable reason." The administration has matched 86 parents to 83 children and 16 are not yet matched, Fabian said. The deadline is July 10 for parents with children under 5 and July 26 for everyone else. More than 2,000 children were separated from their parents after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in May that the zero tolerance policy was in full effect, even if it meant splitting families.

SCOTT PRUITT JOINS LONG LIST OF "FORMER" TRUMP CABINET MEMBERS: Pruitt’s downfall — he told Trump he didn’t want to be a distraction from the president’s agenda — was only the latest evidence of how brutal the Cabinet environment can be, even if the EPA chief’s troubles were largely of his own making. A senior administration official not authorized to discuss the situation publicly later suggested that Pruitt had been pushed by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to tender his resignation Thursday amid the mounting scandals. Trump’s Cabinet, a collection of corporate heavyweights, decorated generals and influential conservatives, has been beset by regular bouts of turnover and scandal. A Cabinet member’s standing with Trump — who’s up, who’s down; who’s relevant, who’s not —is closely tied to how that person or their issue is playing in the press, especially on cable TV. One key measure of the effectiveness of Cabinet members has been their ability to manage up to the president — and manage their disappointment when he ignores their counsel.