Say NO to naming a federal building after Jesse Helms

PLEASE JOIN PROGRESS NORTH CAROLINA IN TELLING CONGRESS: DO NOT REWARD HATE SPEECH & INTOLERANCE. Please sign our petition rejecting a bill recently introduced by Congresswoman Renee Ellmers that seeks to name a federal building in Raleigh after Jesse Helms.

As anyone who lived in North Carolina before 2000 knows, for decades Jesse Helms embarassed our state by standing for antiquated, racist, outdated political views. He fought against equal rights, civil rights and women's rights while absolutely villifying gay Americans with his obsessive hompohobia. He opposed a federal holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. and once accused kids who got free lunches of double dipping in the welfare system and suggested their food stamps be cut to adjust. Click thru to learn more.

His rhetoric was divisive and intentionally cruel. To name a building after Helms would be a slap in the face to millions of North Carolinians. We must show the world that North Carolina is better than Jesse Helms.

Please go here to sign our petition and share it with others as well: Thank you.


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Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Hatred Should Never Be Rewarded!

People that divide a nation should never be celebrated. Helm doesn't deserve to be idolized or honored.

Do they actually think....

.....this would be something they would want to do if they were serious about bringing new businesses to the state...?

3,128 signatures and counting

We need a lot more than that, folks. In order to pull the political tail of people who run for office every two years, they need to understand that a wide swath of voters disapprove. Tell your friends...


You should too.

Signed with pleasure

This is right up there with replacing FDR on the dime with Reagan's smarmy mug.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Jesse Helms

I cannot support recognizing Jesse Helms. He was a racial bigot. He did nothing to support equality for women. He was Senator 'no"..I say in this case, NO to recognizing him.

I was born and raised in

I was born and raised in Raleigh. Born in 1958. I was by my parents, my family, my pastor and the village of Chavis Heights to love people regardless of their skin. We watched the news at night after we ate dinner at the kitchen table as a family. Every night we watched WRAL and I listened to Jesse Helms. He was a very mean man. He did not like Black people. Why? I don't know but what I do know is naming a building in honor of this man would be slap in the face to a lot of good and decent people. I say NO to naming the post office or any other office after such a mean person.

I say No to Senator No.

I say No to Senator No.

no to jesse helms federal building mom would make me watch his editorials on WRAL if I was too slow getting ready for school!!! What a nightmare!

I just say NO.

I just say NO.

I say NO

I'm saying do to this outrage! This man did not deserve to be recognized when he was living! He definitely doesn't deserve to be recognized now that he is dead.