S.B. 337 eliminates key requirements for education


As North Carolinians join today to reflect on the hard work and dedication put forth by our teachers, Republicans in Raleigh are celebrating National Teacher Day with their much-anticipated crusade to privatize public education in North Carolina. Their Trojan Horse, S.B. 337, will come to the floor today as Phil Berger and Senate Republicans seek to upend accountability and educator standards for North Carolina’s charter schools.

The legislation, as stands, would simultaneously take funding and facility-space from public schools, end requirements to offer busing, or free or reduced-price lunch, which would disenfranchise children from low-income families. S.B. 337 also eliminates key requirements for Charter school teachers to have college degrees or teaching certificates and eliminate requirements for educators to have background checks...


From Press Release from the NC Democratic Party

The Senate is now in session. You can listen via Audio at www.ncleg.net.

Details of S.B. 337:
Last Action: Placed On Cal For 05/07/2013 on 05/02/2013
Sponsors: Jerry W. Tillman; Dan Soucek; (Primary)
Warren Daniel; Thom Goolsby; Ralph Hise; E. S. (Buck) Newton; Ronald J. Rabin;


"States wrongs"

Gee, I wish there were a way where you could, by citizens petition, request a Federal take over of you State Government.

From wral.com: changes for governance of Charter schools

From www.wral.com:

Charter schools and all other publicly-funded schools would be overseen by two different boards under a bill that cleared the state Senate Tuesday.

The bill also adjusts other provisions of the state's charter law, including a requirement that school districts lease would-be charter schools unused property.

"Parents want a choice," said Sen. Jerry Tillman, R-Randolph. "When you have a choice the free market works. And then parents will select schools that best meet their needs, whether they be charter public schools or whether they be public schools themselves."

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Martha Brock

What a sad bunch of people.

It just breaks my heart to hear such ignorance. Of course parents want choices. We all want choices.

Buy why focus on the one choice that has the potential to decimate whole swaths of public education by siphoning money to private companies. I have nothing against private companies. I just don't want to see them subsidized by the government.

Just when you think they can't come up with a bigger

crock of $&*#, they go out and buy a bigger pot. NC is on it's way to being an ALEC wet dream. Reminds of the movie Cloud Atlas in which in one timeline the world is ruled by corporations.

The ideas they have are not based on research or reality. Kids and the future get flushed.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Looks like a back door to me

This looks like a "back door" to get publicly funded religious schools in the state, similar to Louisiana. Note this:

eliminates key requirements for Charter school teachers to have college degrees or teaching certificates and eliminate requirements for educators to have background checks

Now, just who do you think wouldn't have college degrees or teaching certificates, but still be wanting to teach kids? And just what organizations wouldn't want to spend the money on background checks?

If there's one thing that the TeaBaggers/Americans for Prosperity are good at, it's passing legislation aimed at letting Christian conservatives push their agenda at public expense and making some shyster a buck in the process.

Background Check Recap

Teachers? YES
Charter School Teachers? NO
Nut Buying a Gun? NO
Poor Person who Needs Government Assistance? YES

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

These legislators...

....are providing for their future in the event they lose their political jobs...Our local Charter has already hired a couple of the local losers...


What is this going to do to the North Carolina school accreditation?