The scales of justice do not weigh dollars and cents; they weigh facts and law. Let’s keep it that way.

This is a link to my op-ed from Creative Loafing Charlotte on the North Carolina Supreme Court race between Justice Paul Newby and Judge Sam Ervin of the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Here are some excerpts:

The potential for high-stakes issues, such as redistricting maps, to go before the court in the next couple years has scared conservatives like Fetzer into shattering all the barriers that have protected judicial races from corruption in the past.

Welcome to a brave new world of North Carolina politics, where judicial races will become free-for-alls, the winner will have the richest friends, and the loser will be an average citizen whose voice will be drowned out by an onslaught of money.

Democracy is based on the belief that we all should have an equal say in the political process - that your vote counts as much as mine and that your opinion matters. It’s the idea that we all have value and that our value is not judged by our wealth.



Has anyone seen polling on the Ervin-Newby race?

Mostly undecided,_2012

Poll source Date(s)administered Sample size Margin of error Sam Ervin Paul Newby Undecided
Public Policy Polling October 12–14, 2012 1,084 ± 3.0% 32% 24% 44%
Public Policy Polling September 27–30, 2012 1,084 ± 3.0% 31% 23% 46%

Undecided is a kind term, unaware is probably more accurate. With nearly half of voters undecided so close to an election I don't see a lead as meaning much, it'll be a battle between coattails and voter drop off.

This seems like one of the few cases where e-mails, facebook posts, tweets, and so forth can actually help since name recognition is where it's at.