Scarlet letters vs. pink stripes

It's a small concession, but one worth noting. Faced with an expected outpouring of concern from activists (and big-time sticker shock), GOP zealots have backed off the pink stripe of discrimination in favor of modest scarlet letters on drivers' licenses.

Could this be a sign of fiscal restraint on the part of the Pope administration, or perhaps some sign of humanity? Sorry to say, it's neither. This is simply a first small step in the GOP rebranding strategy, an attempt to make themselves less toxic to the growing base of Latino voters. One need only look at the issue of Voter ID to validate this conclusion. When it comes to suppressing Democratic voters, the GOP has no budgetary concern whatsoever over the hundred million dollar price tag.


Pink stripe or a scarlet letter

I doubt a pink stripe or a scarlet letter or a fake green card will keep anyone from coming. All the fuss is for our benefit. If you are determined to come here you are coming regardless of what silly laws the NC General Assembly makes. They probably don't even read the N & O before crossing the border.