SCOTUS taking Winsdor DOMA challenge and Prop 8 cases

The Supreme Court is taking up the Winsdor DOMA challenge and the Prop 8 Case. Depending on the ruling, and how broad or narrow it is, this could potentially end amendment 1, DOMA, and marriage discrimination all across the country.


It's good this happened today

I've read on SCOTUSblog that if this was the last day to make a decision that would allow the cases to be argued in March. If they had waited until Monday or later, then it would have delayed the cases until April.

I remember before hearing all this that decisions could be out in June, I guess that still stands, but I expect we'll all be learning a lot more now that the courts have decided to take this up, as the media starts digging into it more.

More specifics on dates

According to Tom from the SCOTUSblog liveblog:

The arguments very likely will be March 25-27, and a decision is very likely around June 27.

How fitting that these ruling will likely come out during national pride month.