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Among all the sideshows funded by Art "the Puppetmaster" Pope, one of the least appealing is the so-called Pope Center for Higher Education. Like the rest of the many-ringed circus, the Pope Center is a haven for people whose facts never get in the way of their ideology.

One amateur Puppet sent a letter to my wife today (anonymously, of course) that violates all decency. The correspondence came following a letter-to-the-editor she sent to the News and Observer when ABC was promoting its hit-piece on Clinton (Path to 9/11). Here's the opening:

I have read with interest your letter to editor in the N&O. I, too, am dismayed and angry ...

... that a state employee funded by myself and many others who do not share the same perspective must endure such blatant distortion of the truth as you display in your letter.

... that you ingore the admitted fabrications by the NY Times and its leftist reporters. You ignore the vendetta, lies and distortions by Dan Rather and his kind at CBS. You ignore the disgraceful lies and distortions of Fahrenheit 411.

... that you ignore the proven facts that bill Clinton was more interested in sex and raping women than his country; the he ignored the many attacks on and resulting deaths of Americans by your friends the Islamists; that he ignored America in its time of need to polish his legacy; that he left his mess for Mr. Bush to clean up.

If you can believe it, the letter goes downhill fast from there. By the last paragraph, the writer truly crosses the line:

And by the way, I am amazed that the university pays you to indulge in your sex fantasies with children.

My wife is a leading scholar on adolescent sexuality and the media. She is a harsh critic of Hollywood for their abrogation of responsibility in portraying sexuality responsibly in movies, music videos and on television.

The person who wrote this letter is a cowardly fool.


The Puppetmaster has given me plenty of reasons to despise his attacks on decent government. But now I have another one. One of his kool-aid drinkers has insulted an honorable woman. Because indeed, the Puppetshow is doing its job well. It is a "multi-million-dollar opinion-manufacturing" machine that inspires hate like the letter my wife received. It is a blight on honest reason.


Just to be clear.

I am not accusing any employee of the Puppetshow of this ludicrous act. But I am saying that the writer of this hate lifted many of his (I presume) talking points from Pope Center propaganda.

After all, spreading the word about the dangers of 'librul perfessers' is part of Pope's mission, is it not?

Thug Perverts for Art on the lose again?

Typical Art Pope thug attack! His little midget thugs are hidding behind the dresses of women and children now. You must be cleaning his clock A, when his fools attack your wife personally. disgusting!!!! and they are cowards to boot...

the problem is

The problem here is that the talking points from guys like Art Pope have gotten so much attention and so few questions that there are many who could probably, at this point, write a position paper for the Republican Party without any prompting. The real issue here is not Pope or this idiot who wrote the letter, but rather with our media.

"Keep the Faith"

Maybe . . .

but his letter is a straight lift from the Pope website. Seems like more a crusader than your average normal wacko. Plus he typed a whole lettter with only a couple of grammatical errors. Seems like a close cousin.

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No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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