See Jane Whine. Again.

A little while ago, I observed that Ms. Jane Shaw, the emerging queen of the Art Pope Puppetshow, had worked herself into a swivet because the mean old faculty at NSCU didn't want the University to take any more of the Puppetmaster's money. Well Ms. Shaw has now taken her case to the Independent, where they've printed her full-fledged defense of the Pope Center for Higher Education.

Shaw's blow-by-blow reporting of all the good and wonderful things about her organization is endearing and admirable. But it doesn't mean squat. Because in the minutia of her defense, the misses the rotten forest for the spindly trees. As I wrote in my first review:

Ms. Shaw appears truly confused as to why professors would dare to question the motives and challenge the integrity of the organization she recently joined. In the face of such confusion, I daresay the new Puppet didn't complete the level of due diligence she should have

What's more surprising to me is that the Independent allowed this commentary by Shaw in the first place. Maybe they needed some filler.


I think

It was a great move by the Indy. They let the crazy people respond, and show they are above petty politics. AND, they let all the unconvinced readers see these people for how batshit they are. I expect at least 2 letters printed in the next issue attacking the puppets.

"Keep the Faith"

Only two?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


They usually only publish 2 or 3.

"Keep the Faith"