See what your kids are eating at school

Salon has a piece about an effort by the organization Do Something, collecting photos of 7,000 school lunches from students, then posting them on a site where users could vote on whether they would eat it or not.

Take a look at what kids in NC are eating. What do you think of what they're getting?

Farah Sheikh, who started the project, told Salon she was surprised by the sheer amount of pizza and carbohydrates that popped up in photographs, not to mention the abundance of styrofoam trays on which they’re served. The worst offenders, with the most “toss it” votes, were found in Arkansas, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Alabama and Kansas.

This isn’t just a case of kids being picky, Sheikh said. From the data she collected, it’s clear that students aren’t clamoring for even more pizza. In fact, she said, “we found that 91 percent of students who thought their lunch was very nutritious also reported being satisfied with what was on their plate.” Of the students who reported being served unhealthy food, 71 percent said they were unsatisfied, and 58 percent said they threw out part or all of their lunches multiples times per week. Just 9 percent of students served nutritious lunches did the same.