Sen. Kay Hagan's Women's Summit

The ballroom at the Elliott University Center at UNC-Greensboro was filled Saturday with Democratic women, who were all there by invitation. The women from all over NC were there for the Kay Hagan for U. S. Senate's Women's Summit.

My overall impression of the event was this: Sen. Hagan and her campaign have a well-thought out game plan in term's of on the ground organizing and communicating (including TV) strategy. Her campaign staff is young (the only young people in the room Saturday), but they appear very knowledgeable and very engaged.

Sen. Hagan herself gave an outstanding speech to open the event. But what was more impressive to me was how Hagan worked the room going from table to table and talking with the women on a one-to-one basis. I myself was startled to feel a hand on my shoulder and turn to see the Senator standing behind me. It reminded me of the first time I met her in 2008 at the Valentine's Day fundraiser for the Wake Democratic Party. She can just ooze charm in social situations.

Following Hagan's rousing speech in which she called out her opponent Thom Tillis on his legislative agenda as N. C. House Speaker, her staff gave a briefing on plans for messaging and on poll results on which they are basing their messaging. There is a heavy emphasis on attacking the GOP on its education record, and Mark Jewell of the NCAE was a speaker who eloquently explained the public school issues for the audience.

My own favorite part of the program was after a quick lunch when former Congresswoman Eva Clayton spoke. She gave a very inspirational address to the audience--one which was heavy on pointing out how critical this Senate election in North Carolina is in 2014.

Beth Wood, the North Carolina State Auditor, was the Master of Ceremonies, and she was impressive in her handling of the agenda and her telling of her own personal story of growing up on a farm in eastern North Carolina.

I would say of the many political events i have attended, over the years this was the most productive, most inspiring, and best planned I have ever seen.

I am wondering if any of you who frequent this site were in Greensboro on Saturday for the Women's Summit. I am still trying to figure out why I was even invited, as I have pretty much dropped off the political scene for the past six months.