Sen. Kinnaird 's seat draws a crowd


The list of contenders seeking the state Senate seat of resigning Chapel Hill Democrat Ellie Kinnaird is growing by the hour.

Kinnaird's district is one of the few "safe" Democratic districts drawn in the GOP's 2011 redistricting maps, so whoever is tapped to take her seat is considered likely to win election to a full term in 2014...

Kinnaird, 81, announced Monday she had resigned her seat, effective immediately, to work on outreach efforts to ensure people had the required photo identification to vote under a new state law. She was in her ninth term in the state Senate. In an interview with WRAL News, she did not endorse a potential successor.

A four-member committee of local Democratic party officials will choose Kinnaird's replacement, who will then be appointed by Gov. Pat McCrory to fill out the remainder of Kinnaird's term, expiring December 2014. The panel's decision is expected within the next 30 days.


Appointment of Sen. Kinnaird's replacement

Received today from Rep. Verla Insko and her newsletter:

The Raleigh Report
From the Office of Representative Verla Insko

August 23, 2013

My very best wishes to Sen. Ellie Kinnaird as she moves from a distinguished career in the North Carolina Senate back into a community and state wide activist role.

Although her focus in the immediate future is to oppose and eventually overturn the voter suppression actions taken by the 2013 General Assembly, I know she will continue to work on other social and economic justice issues where she has already had a considerable impact.

It has been an honor to serve in the General Assembly with Sen. Kinnaird over the past 17 years, to work with her on many issues of common interest and to become good friends. I will miss having her nearby in Raleigh but look forward to working with her locally and across the state to strengthen North Carolina.

The Appointment Process

Sen. Kinnaird’s replacement to serve out her 2013-14 term will be appointed by Governor McCrory upon the recommendation of the 23rd Senatorial District Executive Committee that includes two Democrats from Chatham County and two Democrats from Orange County who were elected at the Democratic County Conventions earlier this year. Based on population, the two Orange County delegates have 446 votes or 223 each; the Chatham County delegates have 212 votes or 106 each. A nominee will be selected by a simple majority votes.

The Chairman of the 4th Congressional District Democratic Party will call and convene the meeting of the Senatorial District Executive Committee. If their process is similar to others, each candidate who has indicated an interest will submit information and a statement to the Committee make a formal presentation and respond to questions from the Committee.

The Candidates

Several candidates have already announced their interest in being appointed and since others may announce before the Committee meets, I will not mention specific names. You can find more information at the following links:

Thank you for all your support. Please contact me when I can be of assistance or to comment on bills or make suggestions.

Martha Brock